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Mega lo Mania Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro: The story behind the game...
Intro: More story...
Intro: This is where you come in...
Title screen
Player select
9500 BC
3000 BC
100 BC
900 AD
1400 AD
1850 AD
1915 AD
1945 AD
1850 AD
2001 AD
Won an island
Getting ready for the Mother of All Battles.
The Mother of All Battles.

Atari ST version

Main menu.
1st Epoch - Island selection.
Number of men to assign to island.
Game's options.
Under attack!
Time forwarding.
Attack at a more advanced tech level.
Green army.
Green army exploring the island.
Yellow army wandering on their land.
Blue army exploring unoccupied land.
Quit game in progress.

DOS version

character selection
island selection
pre-game menu
selecting a spot and deploying your men
actual game start
inventing shields and weapons
troop status (up) / building a fort (down)
with only men, offensive is impossible
900 AD.
1400 AD.
1915 AD.
1945 - building up a nuclear arsenal.
The enemy says hello to my little friend - THE BOMB.
The enemy land has been nuked - leaving this wasteland behind.
1980 AD.

FM Towns version

Title screen
Select island
Clicking on the little man icon alters the passage of time
Allocate men to designing weapons

Genesis version

Title screen
Title screen (US version)
Player select
Choosing an island
A brown island
A white island
The Japanese version has a new intro
CRI have also redrawn the player graphics

PC-98 version

Title screen
Select number of men to play this island

SNES version

Title screen
Choose a island
Defending our castle
Fighting [4. Epoch]
Fighting [2. Epoch]
Fighting [3. Epoch]