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Platform Votes Score
Nintendo 64 10 3.0
PlayStation 19 3.5
PlayStation 3 Awaiting 5 votes...
PSP Awaiting 5 votes...
PS Vita Awaiting 5 votes...
Windows 9 3.1
Combined User Score 38 3.3

Critic Reviews

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PlayStationGamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
Fans of the 2D MM entries have nothing to fear: Mega Man Legends carries on the fun, addictive qualities of the series with class. Going from 2D to 3D is a pleasure for a change.
PlayStationRandom Access (Nov 11, 2010)
If there are any other qualms, it's that the difficulty and length of the game may be something to complain about: Mega Man Legends can easily be completed in under 10 hours, but those hours will go by quickly, considering how much fun you'll be having. Heck, it's worth playing just to see Mega Man "accidentally" walk in on Roll in her bedroom... Hilarity ensues. It was later ported to the Nintendo 64 (with few improvements, if any, though I remember preferring the controls of Mega Man 64 more for some reason), the PC, and the PSP (though only in Japan), but it IS technically available elsewhere if you lack a PlayStation on which to try it. So you have no excuse not to find out more about the legend behind Mega Man!
PlayStationIGN (Sep 15, 1998)
Overall, the game is big and will take a good amount of time beat. The more I played Mega Man Legends, the more I wanted to play.
PlayStationGeeks Under Grace (Dec 22, 2014)
The third iteration of the Blue Bomber is more playful and adventurous than his 2-D predecessors and is definitely worth giving a chance if you happen to own a console that can play it.
PlayStationQuebec Gamers (Jul 19, 2011)
Bref, j'adore les petits jeux comme ça avec le coeur à la bonne place! À la fin, j'étais triste quand l'aventure s'est terminée. J'adore le design artistique, la simplicité, et je suis tombé en amour avec la petite île de Kattelox et ses habitants. Le jeu a aussi créé un personnage intéressant en Miss Tron Bonne. Je comprends très bien pourquoi ce jeu est devenu un classique culte aujourd'hui.
PlayStationPSM (Jun, 1998)
Overall, Capcom has done a very competent job bringing our blue hero into the third dimension, but this game lacks the polish that earlier Mega Mans had. The game engine itself is not really that impressive and relies on simple, polygonal shapes as well as too many repeated textures. This is why many areas, such as the insides of buildings and dungeons, tend to always look the same. However, this simplistic design does make Mega Man Legends look like an interactive cartoon, which may draw in younger players, or fans who just like anime-style graphics.
Nintendo 64HappyPuppy (Jan 24, 2001)
Mega Man 64 contains all the aspects of both a good role-playing game and a good action one. There's a likable main character, a large world to explore full of secrets and treasure, and a gigantic arsenal of weapons to help you through it. The action is challenging, but entertaining instead of frustrating, since discovering a boss' weakness quickly swings battles in your favor. In short, it's fun to play, and that alone makes it a worthy addition to the series.
PlayStationGame Revolution (Nov 01, 1998)
There are some rough edges though - the game is too hard and frustrating at points and the gameplay can become repetitive if you can't figure out what you are supposed to do. But for the most part, if you like Megaman or like adventure games - Legends is a solid pick.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (Oct, 1998)
I am not a huge fan of Mega Man but I don't want to rip it too much. It is an enjoyable game if you are into the Action/RPG Genre and is a good first effort in bringing Mega Man to the PlayStation in 3D. I will continue to play Mega Man but it is not something that I will rush home for.
PlayStationGameSpot (Jun 09, 1998)
In the end, what Capcom has managed to do has been this: It's deftly avoided the pitfalls that await most platformers making the jump from 2D to 3D by creating an action/RPG instead. Relying less on twitch reflexes and more on exploration and storytelling, Mega Man Legends makes a graceful entry into the world of 3D, rather than the clumsy splash associated with other less-successful debuts. If Capcom continues to explore the paths that this series could follow, and enhance the graphic presentation and control somewhat, it just might be on to something special. Legends indeed.
PlayStationConsoles Plus (Nov, 1998)
Toutes les actions habituelles sont présentes, mais le jeu reste très limité au niveau graphique. Les décors sont pauvres, et la maniabilité un peu laborieuse. Enfin, les fans seront comblés.
Nintendo 64GameSpot (Jan 30, 2001)
Those who missed out on the PlayStation version could still find a good bit of entertainment value here, but this dated title simply can't compete on the same level as current software.
Nintendo 64Mag'64 (Mar 20, 2001)
Aber von einem Knallerspiel ist Mega Man weit entfernt. Entweder hätte man es gelassen diesen Titel zu releasen oder man hätte eher damit anfangen müssen. So wirkt es wie schnell hingeschustert nur um ein Spiel dieser Art zu haben. Gerade Capcom mit seinen Ansprüchen muß sich hier Kritik gefallen lassen. Sie machen an sich feine Software. Aber mit Mega Man 64 haben sie einen Kratzer im Lack.
Nintendo 6464 Power / big.N / N Games (Feb, 2001)
Wenn wenigstens das Spiel selbst einigermaßen ansprechend wäre! Aber auch hier Fehlanzeige. Die Kameraführung ist absolut daneben und muss dauernd nachjustiert werden, die Steuerung unnötig kompliziert, und die lieblose Mischung aus Action und Rollenspiel fesselt den Spieler keine zwei Stunden lang. Als Starttitel für das N64 wäre dieses Spiel noch akzeptabel gewesen, aber nach heutigen Maßstäben ist es einfach nur schwach.
Nintendo 64IGN (Jan 29, 2001)
Behold, all Nintendo 64 owners, Capcom has decided to grace the aging console with its coveted Mega Man franchise. Smart thinking indeed, for any Mega Man game is likely a good one, as PlayStation enthusiasts can no doubt attest. And Mega Man 64 seems to have all the makings of a hit. First and foremost, it stars everyone's favorite cartoon-ized hero complete with 3D makeover. But more importantly, there is adventure to be had, puzzles to be solved and, in traditional form, many, many enemies to be blown to bits. The only problem is that all of these goodies were delivered to PlayStation owners three years ago in the same game -- and even then it wasn't all that impressive. By today's standards, as we approach the end of the Nintendo 64 and the beginning of GameCube, this drab port of Mega Man Legends is nothing, if not laughably outdated.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Nov, 2001)
Fans will need to change their expectations to embrace the RPG play style, and anime lovers can laugh at the Japanese characters. Their huge eyes and out-of-sync dialogue make for fun Mystery Science Theater 3000 fodder for only a bit more than a night at a bad movie.
WindowsGameSpot (Jul 30, 2001)
Mega Man Legends is an unembellished port of a forgettable 3-year-old PlayStation game. If you're a big Mega Man fan, chances are you own a PlayStation and, therefore, have no compelling reason to buy Mega Man Legends for the PC. Those who aren't familiar with Capcom's Mega Man series can also skip this game, because it's very old and not especially fun for the 35 long hours it takes to finish. In closing, while there are still many issues that divide us, this is not one of them. Thank you and good night.
WindowsPC Gamer (1997)
With levels that look half-complete and a storyline more mind-numbing than a C-Span marathon, Mega Man Legends fails miserably as a PC game. Hardcore Mega Man fans should grab themselves a PC version of the superior Mega Man X4, a much better effort available in bargain bins everywhere.
Nintendo 64Gamekult (Mar 16, 2001)
Heure du bilan : un cocktail de mauvais goût qui réunit tous les ingrédients d'un jeu à ne pas acheter, sachant qu'une cartouche sur la 64 bits de Nintendo coûte quand même entre 450 et 500 francs, ça s'appelle du racket. Bref, pour les fans de Mega-Man, passez votre chemin. Pour les autres, faites de même.