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Mega Man Legends Screenshots

User Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

Title Screen

PlayStation version

Main menu
The first level is a tutorial
There are chests scattered around.
Inventory screen
Dungeon diving.
In town

PSP version

Title screen (Japanese version)
Fight in dungeon
The item menu
Inventory screen
Dungeon map
Force field blocking the way to the boss.
Spider robot at soffite
Chest with loot inside
Boss fight
Outside dungeon – even in the Japanese version there are a few English words.
Island map

Windows version

The title screen, looks more like Legoland :)
The item menu
Look! It's Mega Man!
And Mega Man has brought his Mega Buster with him.
Run, Mega Man, RUN!
Uh oh - looks like we're in serious trouble!
Well, any landing you can walk away from...
Lol, someone forgot to update the text for the PC version...
Map of the island
Mega-mall rat!
Do NOT want!
Dungeon map
Selecting secondary weapons.
Inventory screen
Avoid the traps!
A tank in the wild...
Just like in Raiders of the Lost Ark!
Mini-game: Hit the dog!
Another mini-game: try to destroy the red balloons!
Mega Man catches a glimpse of himself on the morning news.
Mission alert!
Boss fight!
Another boss
Equipping upgrades.
Racing in the streets.
The baddies about to unleash their master plan.
Item shop
Aerial boss fight
Mega Man saves the day!
But I thought everyone was robotic around here!
Size doesn't matter, size doesn't matter...
So far so good...
Fight Mega Man! For great Justice!