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Advertising Blurbs - Wii U (US):

    Stop Dr. Weil and Omega before they reach the Dark Elf!

    Dr. Weil and Omega are plotting to use the Dark Elf's power to seize command of Neo Arcadia. Zero must use everything at his disposal to stop their plan before all hope and life is lost!

    Two months after stopping a possessed Elpizo, Zero and the Resistance are sent out to investigate a mysterious ship that is emitting a familiar energy source. As Zero takes a closer look, he discovers that Dr. Weil and Omega—both banished from Neo Arcadia long ago—have returned and are seeking the power of the Dark Elf. With it, they will destroy all humankind and take over Neo Arcadia for themselves. Use Zero's jump, dash, and wall kick to get to your next challenge. When a simple attack doesn't suffice, equip EX Skills, Cyber-elves, and other special items to boost your abilities. Travel to Cyberspace, and discover the mirror image of the current world. Stay steadfast on your course to return peace to a world that is on the brink of destruction!

    Contributed by Harmony♡ (20445) on Jul 26, 2016.
    For max adventure, it's Mega Man Zero 3.

    Zero has changed a little as he's gotten older and wiser. In Mega Man Zero 3, he's learned how to make the most of his abilities through customization in Mega Man Zero 3.


    • New weapons and actions
    • Search for hidden maps and secret items
    • Fuse parts to obtain special abilities
    • Use weapons obtained from defeated bosses
    • Links up to Mega Man Battle Network 4 games for added features & character abilities

    Who will rise to the occasion and enter Arcadia to defeat the mighty Omega? Zero, of course. Join Mega Man's pal Zero, a Reploid on the side of good, in this side-scrolling adventure and the continuing adventures of the Dark Elf.

    Mega Man Zero 3 features a new customization system that lets you equip Zero with chips. These chips affect his characteristics and gives him a leg up on different enemies. Also, Zero gets his hands on a new weapon, the Recoil Rod, which can help him make the big jumps.

    In addition to new weapons, you're also able to change your weapons at any time in the game by pressing Start. Zero is armed with two weapons at any given time: a main weapon and a sub-weapon. Zero picks up Secret Disks, although he usually has to wait to the end of a level before he can open them. Some of the disks require Zero to take them to a special reader. The disks contain such items as armor upgrades, cyber elves and info on characters, including enemies and bosses.

    The elves that you get through the Secret Disks help you upgrade your abilities for a level. However, you can only use an elf once because it gets sacrificed for your upgrade.

    Along with the normal levels of the game, you can access cyberspace by walking through blue doors. The difference between a cyberspace and a normal level is that all the elves you've collected activate their special abilities for you. However, they don't die in cyberspace. The downside is that even though you become a super Zero, entering cyberspace doesn't earn you many points toward a high score.

    Bottom Line
    Mega Man Zero 3 will make a great addition to your Mega Man library.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66738) on Jan 15, 2005.

    The third chapter in the Mega Man® Zero action-adventure series for the Game Boy® Advance—Mega Man® Zero 3. Featuring a new customization system, you can now equip Zero, the main character, with a combination of chips that will affect both his attributes and abilities, allowing you to adapt him to different challenges. Also new, Zero will have a weapon called the recoilrod, so he now jumps at double his normal height, among other skills. These new skills will allow our hero to march into Arcadia to defeat the evil Omega single-handedly …. Or will they?

    -New weapons and character actions

    -Search for hidden maps & secret items throughout the stages

    -Fuse parts together to obtain special abilities

    -Use weapons obtained from defeated bosses

    -Links up to Mega Man Battle Network 4 games for added features & character abilities

    Contributed by Pat Cdr (1256) on Oct 03, 2004.