Mega Turrican Screenshots

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Amiga version

Introduction [1]
Introduction [2]
Title screen
Begin of level 1
Collect some power-ups
Use the energy robe
Hard action in chapter 2 !
The begin of chapter 3
The "Alien Level"
Level boss
Mid-level boss
Level completed !
Level statistics

Genesis version

Intro - The Dark Forces
Intro - Bren of the USS Freedom Forces
Title screen
The first level
A mid-boss
Lots of action
Searching for secrets is half the fun.
Enemies attacking from the background
Using the rope
The water is harmless - until it gets electrified by the electric eels.
In this stage, you have to jump from one steel girder to the next before they fall down.
No Turrican game without the iron fist.
A mid-boss
Hey, it's the wreck of one of the SNES-bosses!