MegaRace 2 Credits (DOS)

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MegaRace 2 Credits


Project LeaderFrank de Luca
Lead ProgrammingOlivier Robin, Pascal Urro
GraphicsAlexandre Ledent, Virgil Martin, Frank de Luca
Additional ProgrammingOlivier Carado, Sameh Chafik
3D EngineDidier Bouchon
Additional GraphicsM.A.C , Olivier Demangel, Dominic Mathieu, Marcello Morra, Alfio Trabuio
MusicKnockin' Boots Production
SoundJean-Marc Delon
Additional MusicEric Los
TV Show Director Rémi Herbulot
TV Show ScenarioJohan K. Robson
ActingChristian Erickson, Alice Evans, Michel Janecki, Johan K. Robson, Alain Saffray
ShootingAnne Dévouassoux
French & German VoicesLance Boyle, Patrice Dozier, Hans-Jörg Schnass
French & German Voice AssistanceDominique Chauby, Doris Streibl
Dialogue AdviceIgor Persan
ProducerLee Singleton
Quality AssuranceDarren Chapman, Matthew Dean, Buck Irving, Martin Newing, Richard Plumb, Sam Saliba, Adrian Wood-Jones
Game ManualRichard Hewison
Game Manual co‑ordinationTara Mun, James Scalpello
PackagingBill Duncan, Tara Mun, Fiona Todd, Ruth A. Weston, Frank de Luca
MarketingSpencer Crossley, Emmanuel Dennis, Claudine Joris, James Morris, James Scalpello, Stefan Schmitt
PRSpencer Crossley, Emmanuel Dennis, Claudine Joris, James Morris, James Scalpello, Stefan Schmitt
Special Thanks ToSophie Duret, Clive Fort, Steve Hutchins, Mark Knight, Richard Leinfellner, Michael Lustenberger, Jim Mackonochie, Jeff Shirk, Neil Soane

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Credits for this game were contributed by Cochonou (1095) and formercontrib (159413)