Advertising Blurbs (German):

    Über dieses Spiel

    Vergessen Sie Autorennen. Jetzt werden Sie, angefeuert von einer jubelnden Menge und den ungestümen Kommentaren von Lance Boyle Lance Boyle, speziell für Geschwindigkeit und Kampf entworfene Fahrzeuge durch Umgebungen steuern, die sich bei jedem Rennen ändern. Anstelle einer schwachen Knarre wird der Spieler mit einer schlanken Maschine ausgerüstet, die für Geschwindigkeit und Krieg gebaut ist.

    In einem absolut unbeherrschten virtuellen Universum, der halluzinogenen Vorausschau auf das, was das Fernsehen in der Zukunft zeigen wird, ist dies ein einzigartiges Spiel , das sowohl ein spektakuläres Rennen als auch einen großartigen Ego-Shooter neu erschafft. Der zynische Moderator Lance Boyle ist am Ruder und schickt mutige Fahrer zu waghalsigen Aktionen los. Alle Fahrzeuge sind modular aufgebaut und Sie können sie je nach Ihren Ergebnissen individuell gestalten. Es stehen verschiedene Module zur Verfügung, um die Maschineneigenschaften zu verbessern, wozu auch Kampfpanzerung und die Waffen gehören. Bitte anschnallen ...

    * Aggressive, futuristische Hochgeschwindigkeitsrennen auf Mikroebene
    * Nehmen Sie teil an einer Spielshow, die eine Stadt hochschaukelt, um ihr Publikum zu vergrößern
    * Vom ureigenen Moderator von Virtual TV, Lance Boyle, bekommt man einfach nicht genug

    * Aggressive, futuristische Hochgeschwindigkeitsrennen
    * Für ihre Zeit atemberaubende Grafiken durch Verwendung vorgerenderter Videosequenzen
    * Witzige oder einfach gemeine Kommentare vom unvergesslichen Lance Boyle

    Contributed by jaXen (197558) on Jan 10, 2018.

Back of Case - PlayStation 2 (UK):

    Megarace, the zaniest TV show in the world, is back.

    Cynical presenter Lance Boyle is enjoying setting our brave drivers a new series of daredevil challenges. This year the races are being held on a microscopic scale, with hybrid vehicles that evolve to adapt to track conditions - all of which should make for an explosively spectacular new series!

    • The 3rd in the Megarace series, Megarace III is an original futuristic game, this is speed battle racing at its best!

    • 8 totally different environments, more than 20 circuits and 12 vessels - each with 3 playing modes (attack, defence, speed).

    • A striking and original microscopic universe, with a game structure that alternates time trials, missions, and classic races.

    • Shortcuts, bonuses, upgrades... all the classic ingredients for a great racing game!

    • 4 game modes for extended gameplay: practice, arcade, career and catastrophe.


    Contributed by TechSmurfy (918) on Jun 16, 2012.

    "Мегарейс-3" - это совместное издание фирмы "1С" и компании Nival Interactive аркадной гоночной игры от компании Cryo.

    Вам предстоит безумная гонка в нереальном мире, населенном гигантскими животными, странными деревьями и микробами размером с лошадь. Планета под их контролем, и, чтобы выстоять и выиграть, предстоит собрать в кулак все свое мужество, изворотливость и умение. А главное - забыть о предыдущих автомобильных версиях этой игры, ведь сейчас вам предстоит совершенно особая гонка. Вы должны выбрать одну из дюжины причудливых летающих машин, на которой отправитесь в смертельно опасное плавание по галлюциногенному морю фантастической планеты будущего...

    Особенности игры

    • Каждая из дюжины скоростных машин обладает своими характеристиками, которые имеют 3 параметра: скорость, атака, защита.
    • Параметры машин - вооружение, броню и мощность двигателя - можно улучшать в зависимости от ваших результатов.
    • Несколько игровых режимов: простая одиночная гонка, "захват флага", многопользовательская игра по сети и т.д.
    • Великолепная 3D графика.
    • Профессиональный звук с полной синхронизацией движений губ.
    • Ваша удача полностью зависит от умения обращаться с клавиатурой!

    Contributed by Klaster_1 (57980) on Mar 09, 2011.

Press Release:

    DreamCatcher's MegaRace3 Goes Real-Time 3D in the Air

    3D Shooting Air Combat and MegaRacing Excitement
    on the PC and the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system

    E3, Los Angeles, CA (May 17, 2001), MegaRace is back, and this time it's taking to the air in real-time 3D. DreamCatcher is bringing the third installment of this spectacular combination of racing and fast-paced 3D first-person shooter to North American audiences this Fall. In this rendition, however, instead of cars players will be piloting vessels specially conceived for speed and combat on their way to saving the planet from enormous plants, gigantic animals, germs the size of automobiles, and much more. With 33 circuits and 8 worlds, non-stop action is the name of this game.

    In this PC and PlayStation®2 fast-action game, players can choose among a dozen different vessels. Each vessel has its own strengths, characteristics and three active modes: Speed, Attack and Defense. As to be expected from all MegaRace titles, all of these ships are modular and, depending on the players results, can all be personlized. With a player's winnings, different modules can be obtained to improve the engine charactertics, and/or upgrade the armor and weapons. Several game modes are available as well, such as a simple solo race, race with customizable ships, capture the flag and duel mode. All game modes can also be be played in network mode.

    Don't worry MegaRace fans. Lance Boyle is back too. Pilots will be cheered on by his wild commentaries throughout the game. So players, loosen up those trigger fingers, because MegaRace is faster, harder and more fun than ever.

    Key Game Features
    · 33 game circuits and 8 worlds
    · 12 vessels to choose from, each with its own characteristics
    · 3 active gameplay modes to choose from
    · Real-time 3D gameplay
    · Customizable modular vessels

    This title has not yet been officially approved by Sony Computer Entertainment America.

    About DreamCatcher
    Started in 1996, DreamCatcher is a successful and growing publisher of PC and console software entertainment with mass appeal. The company is known for publishing leading interactive titles at an affordable price. DreamCatcher is based in Toronto, Canada. Visit the company web site at

    Contributed by Jeanne (76511) on May 23, 2004.

Inside Flaps:

    Take on the role of a Secret Service Agent...

    Think like one...

    Act like one...

    Fight like one.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69359) on Oct 15, 2003.

Back of Box - Windows:


    You play the role of John Cord, an MI6 Secret Service agent who has been sent to Volgia, USSR, at the request of the CIA, to help track down a missing agent.

    Enter a world of espionage and conspiracy. Infiltrate, sneak and shoot your way through increasingly dangerous locations.


  • Nine missions with approximately 60 total hours of gameplay

  • More than one hundred environments to explore and survive

  • The latest in spy equipment including highly-advanced communication computers, electromagnetic pulse-mines, hacking units, and motion detectors

  • Suspenseful gameplay requiring stealth for mission success

  • A captivating plot delivered through in-game action and stunning FMV

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69359) on Oct 15, 2003.

Back of Box:


    Filled with non-stop action and incredible graphics, this is the ultimate drive and shoot game! Set in a futuristic, real-time 3D world, grab the controls of your vehicle and accept missions to save the planet, or go for the classic Arcade Racing Mode. Leave your competitors in the dust, out-speed, out-corner and out-shortcut them as you blast them away on your way to the finish line.

  • A dozen hybrid vehicles that can evolve to adapt to track conditions, each with 3 modes of gameplay.

  • A bonus system to win new weapons, defense systems and upgrades to your vehicle.

  • Play single or multiplayer mode over a local area network or on the Internet.

    8 different and unique environments, plus more than 20 circuits

    Choose between Missions, Race Against the Clock and Classic Arcade races.

    Multiple game levels including: Arcade, Career and Catastrophe.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69359) on Oct 15, 2003.

Dreamcatcher's Web Page:
    The Ultimate drive and shoot game is back with a bang in a brand new version. It's a futuristic, real-time 3D world on a microscopic scale, filled with cataclysms and catastrophes. Grab the controls of your shooter and accept missions to save the planet, or go for the classic Arcade Racing mode.


    • Futuristic 3D real-time environment
    • Bonus system that allows players to win new weapons or defense systems and upgrade their vehicles
    • A dozen evolutionary vessels (engines, armor etc.) are available for trying your luck on thirty plus circuits and eight different worlds

    Contributed by Jeanne (76511) on Jan 21, 2002.