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From back of box (UK release):

    While resting in Icewindale, members of your party have been captured by evil Drow Elves. To make matters worse, they have been taken underground, where the Drow reign supreme. Descend and rescue your comrades, but be warned: Your fate and that of the famed Drizzt Do'Urden will become entangled - and your rescue mission will take on a whole new meaning!

    Welcome to the realm called Underdark and the malevolent city of Menzoberranzan. Prepare yourself for a role-playing epic unlike any you've ever experienced in the FORGOTTEN REALMS game world. New monsters abound. New tactics make combat more intense. The ability to levitate and fly add even more excitement to battles! The spectacular sights and sounds of the MENZOBERRANZAN game are exhilirating. Crisp, clean high-resolution VGA delivers the graphic beauty of Super-VGA - without the need of an SVGA card. State-of-the-art digitized voices and sounds enrich the sensory experience. This fresh and unique AD&D game promises to be the most challenging role-playing journey through the FORGOTTEN REALMS game world yet!

    High-resolution 256-colour VGA gives Super-VGA quality with a standard VGA card

    Printable auto-mapping. Write notations on your maps as you explore - they'll save and print right along with the maps.

    This real-time, smooth-scrolling adventure lets you walk smoothly in any direction - for a more natural feeling of travel.

    Easy-to-use interface with single-screen inventory management for the entire party - plus an intuitive point-and-click object manipulation system.

    Contributed by muesli (296) on Sep 16, 2003.