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Amiga version

Mission 1
Killed a soldier
Walking in water
Destroy the shacks to continue
Crossing a bridge
Mission 2
The huge tank shoots at you
Mission 3
Crossing over from one ship to the other
Destroy the structure to continue
Mission 4
Climbing the waterfall
Weapons galore
Mission 5
Driving a tank
Nice fountain
Destroying the cottage with a smart bomb
Mission 6
Mission 7
The plane yard
Mission 8
Best Fighters

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Title screen

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Coming in to land.
On your own now.
Kill the enemy.
End of level boss.
Well Done.
Next level.
Keep shooting.
Attacked by jeeps.
Driving a jeep.
Getting harder.

Atari ST version

Title screen
So they developed it
Well said
The story
Player 1
Player 2
Get ready, Joseph!
The real title screen
You start out on the enemy shore
Going to the jungle
Crossing the bridge... the boss!
Got him!
Mission 1 completed
Going to town
He's hiding behind the corner
Ah, the smell of napalm...
A mid-level boss
Crossing a rift
The boss: a flame-throwing tank
Its hull is broken
Have you noticed that the napalm cloud looks like the MERCS logo?
Destroyed another boss
Found a big rifle aboard a ship
The top is blown off the bunker
Should I choose hamburger or chicken?
Join the navy, see the world
A helicopter boss
Mission 3 completed
A flame thrower in the marsh
It works!
The burning bodies sink into the swamp
Dead on the beach

Commodore 64 version

Level 1
Blow up this shack if you want to continue on
Boss Damaged
Level 2
A red arrow tells you to turn left
Boss Damaged
Level 3
Boss Damaged

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
From the intro
Arcade game start
The first heavy jungle section
Shooting down trees
Note the crate at the top of the screen
Across the bridge
The level 1 boss perishes
Bonus points
Level 2 preperation
Walking a lonely road to start the level
Shoot the inhabitants of the tanks, then get in one
Moving faster and with some security
Blowing up a turret
Barriers and tanks on level 2
That's a big one!
Level 2 boss, still needing 5 big hits
Now it's dead
Level 3 starts
Graphics style changes across the bridge
Lifted up on a ledge
Game over
High scores
Original mode start
Use the quicksand sparingly
One section of the level

SEGA Master System version

Title screen
The intro
Being chased by enemy soldiers
Cornered near a hut
Blowing the enemies to pieces
Crossing the bridge to...
...the first boss: a Harrier jumpjet!
Game over
High scores

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen. Appears very briefly
One or two players
A kind of screen-saver appeared when I waited too long at the 1 or 2 player screen, pictures of the two 1 mercs.
From here I get to define the control options of each player
It is possible to define separate action keys for each player
Start of a 1 player game
Took me a while to sort out the controls. Lots of the enemy appeared. They did a lot of shooting but it was not focused. I'm still alive and I haven't worked out how to move or shoot yet.
I'm moving now. I seem to have a more powerful gun than anyone else, which is good.
Lost a life. That reset the score back to zero. Here I am in front of a building that is literally asking to be shot at.
hey presto it's gone and I can progress to a new area
I need to shoot the crate, kill the bad guys, and collect the contents
Nearly there...
I think this is the end of level boss. It's not an easy thing to kill. I came close but it chewed up my last life first

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