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Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake Screenshots

User Screenshots

MSX version

Title screen
Isn't that the infamous Metal Gear?
The credits roll...
The fox appears whenever you advance to the next level
You start in this dark area
Campbell explains the mission to you
Weapon screen
Equipment screen. A simple cigarette can work wonders sometimes...
No entrance in sight
Trying to stay unnoticed
Exploring a truck
You can hide behind objects or simply try to run through when the guard isn't looking
he entrance to the main complex is well guarded
Snake is crawling
Sometimes the only way to enter a building is through a vent
From this balcony you can see a tank
Talking to the journalist Holly White
This corridor has several exits
Can I come out now, Mom?..
A red room with computers and some guards
Elevator room
Inside an elevator. Push a button to go up or down
Danger! You are spotted by the soldiers
Damn it, I knew I shouldn't have taken the left exit...
Found an identity card
The different patterns on the floor mean the guards will hear your footsteps in this area
Wow, MSX computers! Cool!
What is this thing on the table? A mouse?
Be careful of that thing in the middle of the room. It's a sensor
Here you absolutely must smoke a cigarette to bypass invisible sensors