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Metal Gear Solid Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Main Menu
When in a narrow space, you can only be in first-person mode.
A standard safe way of conversation.
As the game starts, you will still see some credits during your gameplay. Quite neat, sort of achieving a movie effect.
Nice effects such as cold breath of air of Snake and NPCs says this game has some neat emphasis on details.
This game requirea great deal of stealth approach.
Right icon holds the list of weapons whereas left one has all the accessories.
Detonating C4 to make a hole in the wall.
This guy didn't get Revolver nickname for the way he looks, that's for sure.
Chasing Ocelot while he's in need of reloading.
Equipping mine detector will show all the mines in the area on your radar screen.
Snake versus Raven, who likes snow more?
Looking death in the eyes.
How hard can it be to throw a grenade on a speeding tank....
It is peculiar how your view distance is limitless yet guards can only see a few meters ahead of 'em.
If this one comes to steal my toilet, he's done for.
Ahem, perhaps she can sneak in cinematics, but not during gameplay.
Hey, who's that handsome over there?
Conversation with Mei Ling
Nobody sees me. I can rest
Alert.. But I have gun.
Camera... I'm too good for this