Metal Gear Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen.
Main menu; as you can see, this game was ported from the NES version.
Here comes Snake parachuting.
Snake hits the ground.
Mode select menu.
The transceiver screen: Big Boss gives your mission objectives.
Your first encounter with the enemy.
Sneak past the dogs while they're sleeping.
Inside a truck.
Equipment inventory screen.
Weapons inventory screen.
Some scorpions in the sand.
Fighting a tank.
Game over.

DOS version

Title screen (EGA/Tandy)
intro sequence
Starting a new game (EGA/Tandy)
Solid snake parachutes-in in full 8-bit glory!
Watch out for guards (EGA/Tandy)
Hide behind objects then sneak up on the enemy (EGA/Tandy)
your only means of communication with the outside world: the transceiver
sneaking around is essential for this game
Title screen (CGA)
Starting a new game (CGA)
death strikes
A truck being guarded (CGA)
There are numerous guards you fight or sneak past (CGA)
Title screen (Hercules Monochrome)
The opening sequence (Hercules Monochrome)
Not far from the starting location (Hercules Monochrome)

MSX version

Title screen
Three trucks. I wonder what is inside?
Big Boss is so kind as to explain to you how MSX function key work
Don't shoot me! I have to stay alive at least till Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty
I knew I should have never entered this room...
Starting location: different from NES version
Big Boss explains to you the mission
Weapons. Not much yet, huh?
You start with only a "tobacco"
Dogs. Right. Just what I hoped to see
A gun! A gun!!!
Sometimes the game would switch to platform view
Watch out for those alert devices
Killed by soldiers

NES version

Title screen
Japanese title screen
Intro: Solid Snake parachutes
In a room
Inside the enemy base (Japanese version)
Strange blue room
Battle against a tank
Indeed it was
In the beginning, your equipment contain only cigarettes
The guy periodically falls asleep, you can sneak past him
Jungle Soldiers take elevators
Watch out for security cameras.... and pitfalls in the floor
The enemy may not be the best fighters, but they can parallel park with the best!