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Metal Slug is one of the best Arcade Games Ever! Neo Geo Aaron Warner (6)

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Android Awaiting 5 votes...
Arcade 8 4.6
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Neo Geo 31 4.3
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PlayStation 38 4.0
PlayStation 3 5 4.9
PlayStation 4 Awaiting 5 votes...
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Windows 6 3.3
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Combined User Score 88 4.2

Critic Reviews

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PlayStationThe Video Game Critic (Jul 30, 2004)
If I have one complaint, it's how your default weapon can't shoot diagonally, making certain targets hard to reach. The standard arcade mode offers unlimited continues which eliminates the drama and suspense, but this is remedied by the awesome "Combat School" mode, which challenges you to clear any one stage with only three lives. There's also a "survival mode" where you only get one life (imagine that)! Well crafted and easy on the eyes, Metal Slug X is a must-have for die-hard shooter fans.
PlayStationGaming Age (Sep 13, 2004)
If you're a 2D shooting fan Metal Slug X is a must-have. It sports some great visuals and awesome gameplay that can't be beat by anything in the 3D realm.
WiiNintendo Life (Aug 28, 2012)
Let's face it, Metal Slug X is pretty much the game that Metal Slug 2 should have been all along. It basically takes what was a flawed but extremely well designed run and gun and fixes all of the problems while still managing to toss in a few new goodies as well. If you're a fan of this type of game then there's absolutely no reason to miss this amazing title; it remains one of the genre's all-time best efforts, even after more than a decade.
PlayStationIGN (Apr 27, 2001)
If your tendency is to finish a game once and then toss it on the heap, then you may find Slug something of a disappointment. I don't agree with that attitude, but I certainly recognize its prevalence. If you'd like to appreciate a finely-made feat of 2D art over and over again, though, picking out new and different details each time through, this is the game for you, and you'd better lay your hands on it before it's gone.
PlayStationGame Critics (Jun 01, 2001)
Dont let my tiny complaints fool you. Those two little nitpicks aside; Metal Slug X is exactly the RIGHT way to do old-school gaming with a new-age twist. Its got loads of gameplay, is accessible to nearly any gamer and has so much going for it in terms of style and craftsmanship that its a worthwhile purchase for anybody who is wise enough to see that not all good things come by way of the third dimension.
Neo GeoVideo Games (Jun, 1999)
Zu diesem Metal Slug X hier das, wie oben schon beschrieben, nur ein minimal verändertes Motel Slug 2 ohne einen einzigen neuen Level darstellt, fällt mir eigentlich gar nichts mehr ein. Will es sich SNK auch noch mit den treuesten und loyalsten Anhängern des Neo Geos verscherzen? Wer Teil zwei schon besitzt, sollte es sich daher unter allen Umständen verkneifen, diesen Pseudo-Nachfolger zu kaufen! Ich selbst als Riesen-NS-Fan werde es mir auch nicht zulegen. Habt Ihr dagegen Metal Slug 2 oder gar weder den ersten noch den zweiten Teil im Regal stehen, wird‘s Zeit. Mehr Shooter-Spaß, State-of-the-Arl-Deluxe-Bitmap-Explosionen zum mit der Zunge schnalzen, bombastische Soundeffekte und aberwitzige Kriegsmaschinerie habt ihr mit diesem Comic-Touch noch nie gesehen.
PlayStationGameSpot (Mar 16, 2001)
What really separates Metal Slug X from the rest of the crowd is its tongue-in-cheek presentation. For example, enemy soldiers laugh when you die but shriek in horror when they realize you've come back. Or when a certain midboss is defeated, his corpse falls off the screen and is devoured by a giant killer whale. This skewed sense of humor, combined with its frenzied gameplay, gives the game a unique flavor and makes it one of the best side-scrolling shooters out there.
PlayStationClassic-games.net (Dec 01, 2021)
The PlayStation version of Metal Slug X is great and more than enough to satisfy action game fans. Even though Metal Slug would continue it still remains one of the better titles in the series. Whether stand alone or part of Metal Slug Anthology action fans have no excuse not to buy this.
Nintendo SwitchNintendo Life (Oct 08, 2017)
The original version of Metal Slug 2 suffered horrendous slowdown, and whilst Metal Slug X doesn't completely fix the problem it reduces it enough for the quality of the game to shine through, with bright (recoloured) cartoony visuals and great music enhancing the frantic gameplay. Some enemy changes increase the difficulty, but this is offset somewhat by the inclusion of new weapons. Show restraint with your use of credits and the game can be very challenging with numerous attacks coming from all directions. If you just want to see events unfold, however, additional credits are just a button press away. The ACA Hi Score and Caravan modes work well with this game, adding to the replayability, but it's also enjoyable to replay the regular arcade mode. Whether you've handed a Joy-Con to a friend or are playing solo, Metal Slug X provides quality "fun and gun" action.
PlayStationallaboutgames.co.uk (Jun 25, 2002)
A great arcade shoot-em-up with plenty of two-dimensional fun, that all PlayStation and PlayStation 2 shoot-em-up fans should look into.
PlayStationEurogamer.net (UK) (May 19, 2002)
Metal Slug X is a fan-pleasingly simple update to the MS series, and to the rest of us it's the best game of its kind on the PlayStation. At a wallet-friendly £19.99 (and even less if you shop around), this is an excellent investment, and the co-operative multiplayer mode is a delightful inclusion. Let's just hope that it isn't the last 2D shooter we see on a Sony platform.
PlayStationComputer Bild Spiele (Sep, 2003)
Was nach einem brutalen Kriegsspiel klingt, ist tatsächlich eine witzige Comic-Ballerei. Hier gibt es keine realistische 3D-Grafik zu sehen, sondern verspielte 2D-Kulissen voller interessanter Details. Die gegnerischen Soldaten haben nicht nur stets den Finger am Abzug, sondern überraschen hin und wieder auch mal mit ulkigen Einlagen, wenn sie sich etwa erschrecken und laut kreischend flüchten. Abwechslungsreiche Action und tadellose Steuerung machen das Spiel auch ohne zeitgemäße 3D-Grafik zur rundum „guten“ Sache.
PlayStationGamezilla (May 14, 2001)
Metal Slug X is adequate if you have the hankering to pop a few rounds into some brain-sucking aliens. Unfortunately, for most of the civilized world this kind of entertainment just won’t cut it. I would suggest that you pinch your pennies and wait for one of the hotter releases to come out. As enjoyable as Metal Slug X was, with the humorous plot and senseless violence, I would only recommend it for a two-day rental.
PlayStationMeristation (May 30, 2002)
Metal Slug es y ha sido una franquicia que se conforma con divertir al usuario que se pone a sus controles. La versión para PSOne ya hace tiempo que salió en Japón, y ahora llega al territorio PAL. Más vale tarde que nunca.
PlayStationGame Revolution (May 12, 2001)
SNK, the company behind the Neo Geo, has declared bankruptcy, so there won't be many more Metal Slugs. And there are fewer and fewer good Playstation games, let alone a quality port. You could do much worse these days. Besides, it's a much more sensible purchase than spending upwards of $600 for the cartridge version and a Neo Geo system. So, until I strike oil, I'm happy with Metal Slug X. And bring on the Metal Slug 3 port!
PlayStationPSM (Dec, 2001)
For the most part, I enjoyed Metal Slug X. Its faults bothered me a bit, but they were never so bad that I had to stop playing. If you can't justify spending the money for a couple hours of gameplay, definitely rent it.
PlayStationJeuxvideo.com (Aug 07, 2002)
Les nostalgiques seront heureux de retrouver sur PSX une conversion fidèle de l'un des plus grands jeux d'action de ces dernières années. La durée de vie est courte et l'aventure est la même que dans la version originale, mais le plaisir de jeu est décuplé par le multijoueur et les challenges inédits.
PlayStationGamesAreFun.com (GAF) (Apr 28, 2003)
A mediocre soundtrack isn't enough to hold Metal Slug X back. Even though the game's tunes might not get the player's blood pumping, there's still a lot to love about this game. The action is simple yet addictive, and Metal Slug's difficulty may have some gamers begging for mercy...If they don't abuse its liberal supply of continues. In the end, if a person chooses to play Metal Slug X by wasting lives carelessly, there's not a whole lot to enjoy. If the player enjoys the game as it is meant to be played, with each life possibly being the last, it's a lot more fun; especially when it's played with a friend.
PlayStationGame Informer Magazine (Aug, 2001)
It feels like Metal Slug X would work better on a handheld. In fact, I know it would since I thoroughly enjoyed the two Metal Slugs on the Neo Geo Pocket Color only a year ago. The fact that this game could be ported verbatim to Game Boy Advance does nothing to further its case. You won't hate yourself if you pick this one up super cheap, but that's about the highest recommendation I can give.
WiiDefunct Games (Aug 24, 2012)
Metal Slug X is a great game, full of charming visuals and exciting power-ups. There's just one problem: It's a rip-off on the Virtual Console! You can buy this game for much cheaper elsewhere, including a Metal Slug compilation disc for the Wii. This is a great game, but a terrible value. Be careful!
PlayStationGamers Europe (May 01, 2002)
Well I can't think of much more to put in this review, because each level is the same relatively unlike most games. To conclude this game is really fun to play and you get a few hours of fun from it each time you put it in the console. The graphics are a let down but aren't as it is supposed to be arcade style. Very realistic. Overall this game scores a (disappointing) 5.5 out of 10. Don't let this put you off though; it is still worth renting it or borrowing it off a friend.
PlayStationGamersMark (Oct 22, 2001)
This is a rare game in a dieing genre. However, it offers nothing to warrant a purchase. Rent it to bring back a few memories of your youth.
Windows336GameReviews (Oct 12, 2015)
This is one of those cases of quality over quantity. Due to the short length of the game every part of it is full of detail and has great care put in to it. Whether that is a good trade off, is a question only you the reader can decide. Metal Slug X has aged gracefully and is still as much fun to play now as it was back then. Though the slowdown caused by the port does bring it down some. If you are wondering which Metal Slug game should you start with, know that it doesn’t really mater. There is no story whatsoever though it may be odd going back to the relatively “sane” Metal Slug 1 after fighting all sorts of crazy enemies in all of the games after MS1. Overall if you are looking for a good 2D run and gun game or simply looking to kill an hour this would be a pretty good option.

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