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Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Some arches. You need 75 of these to pass the level
Falling down
Lost a life
One of the monsters in Slimeworld
On an invisible platform
Ronald will appear at the end of the level if you collect enough arches
One of the game's sayings that appear while the level loads
This dinosaur was killed by the slime monsters
The bonus game
The Mystical Forest
"Someone get these stinkin' bees off me!"
The red fish gets the shock of his life
Attack of the killer drill
Just another company branding
The arctic
Look behind you, a bird made entirely of glass!
Nice background
A tornado approaches Mick
The only boss that you meet in the game

Game Gear version

Virgin logo
it starts here
...and it will be :]
First world

Genesis version

Main screen
Ronald McDonald throws Mick & Mack into their favourite comic: Global Gladiators.
Mystical Forest
This rolling fireball is one of the many bizarre enemies
Mack in the Artic Wastes
Leave the heroes standing for a while and they will start to tap their feet and chew bubblegum.
Use the Up or Down button while shooting to aim in the proper direction.

SEGA Master System version

Opening story
Title screen and main menu
Level 1. I need to collect 30 tokens to complete the level.
Starting location
Shooting my weapon.
I lost all my lives. Game over.
The clown awaits you at the end of each level.
See the common video game piranha in its natural habitat.
Standing on an (almost) invisible platform