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Mickey Mania Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

selection screen
the start of it all.. "Steamboat Willie"
standard disney platform action
the edge..
you dont wanna mess with Mickey!
the colours kick in after you beat this guy
"The Mad Doctor"
these skeletons are dangerous..
..and everywhere
Nice animations before each stage
Stage names appear before each stage
This part is not included in every version of the game.
Behold, the Mad Doctor!
Moose hunt level

PlayStation version

Title Screen.
The start of the first level.
Falling boxes - A standard feature of platform games.
... As are obstacles like this.
The game's second level.

SEGA CD version

Title Screen
Hey... isn't that the ship from Puggsy?
Jump over moose
Being chased by the moose
The mad doctor!
Steamboat Willie
Swinging from a chain
Burning Tower
Climbing the Beanstalk
Snowy scene
Loading Screen
Helping... yourself?
A platform classic
Preparing an explosive...
... and heating it up
Pluto's happy to see you
Beanstalk Mickey

SNES version

Title Screen
Japanese Title
We are introduced to Steamboat Willy
This is pretty rude
This guy looks familiar...
Some big raindrops here
Mickey's attack is throwing these globes
By the time Mickey runs into this surly fellow, color has started leaking in

Official Screenshots

  • Mickey Mania Screenshot
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  • Mickey Mania Screenshot
    PlayStation Store (UK)