Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

The main menu
Picking a track.
Up to 16-player support!
Driving through the dirt.
Nuts and bolts make for messy racing.
Gaining up on him.
Watch out for those drills.
Going on the pool table.
Snazzy car
That looks tasty.
Starting a league.
Don't fall off the tree house.
Custom-made tracks
Going to the track editor.
Let's give it a new paint job.
We can change the look of the track, too.
The first track of them all
Watch out for spills.
Don't go down the falls.
Finishing results
Musical lane
Time for a trial
Driving over the dinner table.

Game Boy version

Title Screen
Player 1 Select Driver
Sports Cars
Beach Buggies
Monster Truck Bonus Game

Game Gear version

Developers Screen 1.
Title Screen.
Main menu.
Game selection.
Player selection.
Intro, qualifying race.
Your oponnents.
Starting grid.
Race results.
Trying to stay over the boards...

Genesis version

Main Menu
Choose your character
The ATV Training Challenge
A zany cast of characters in this race
And they're off...
Woo! second place
Walter ain't happy at all
Rally racing ... with drills?
off the deep end of the work table
Not a happy camper
Hey guys, wait for me!
Mind that drill if you don't want to fall off
The End, Looney Tunes style
oohh, nice car
A bonus for beating the challenger
One on one
A drag through the nails
The four single player game modes
Go off road
Machine with a Golden Gun
ATV fury ... kinda
Flower Power
Win those points to move up the super league tables
Drag it around the rim...
The Bathroom sink rim. Nice tiles by the way
Why am I always red?

SNES version

SNES Opening Screen
Driving round a desk
Tearing up a kitchen table
Monster Truck Bonus Stage
Selecting one of the many drivers available
A selection of current opponents you're racing