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atari gravitar

Micro Machines Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Choose a game type
Choose a character
Starting the qualifying race
Race on the breakfast table
A two player game at the beach
Racing in tanks
Avoid water sprinklers in the choppers
A race on the desktop
Watch out for pool balls!

DOS version

Title screen
The main menu
What character would you like to be?
Prepare for the qualifying race...
Racing on the breakfast table...
Racing across the table...
A ruler forms a bridge between tables
Oil is slippery, don't lose control!
Running into that blob of glue slows you down
Tank racing
Next race is the sandy straights!
Driving into the water causes you to sink and lose time
A sand shovel forms part of the track barrier
Don't crash into pool balls...
Flying choppers in the garden...
On the pool table; falling off of either edge slows you down!
Races I've won so far
Chickz rule! :)
Bits 'n' pieces: glue, nails, pencils... all work well as obstacles.
Whoops, I'm about to fall into the water...
Racing on top of a cereal box

Game Boy version

Title Screen
The usual cast of characters
Sports Cars
Bonus Round

Game Gear version

Developer's screen.
Title screen.
Number of players selection screen.
Game selection screen.
Character selection.
Qualifying race intro.
Racing at the bathtub.
Oponnent selection.
This screen displays the vehicles you've collected...
Race 1 intro.
Racing "The Breakfest Bends".
Race results.
Now you've got the Sportscar.
Race 2 intro.
Racing the Desktop Drop-Off
Your first opponent eliminated.
Now you've got the Warrior.
Race 3 intro.
Racing the Oilcan Alley.
Now you've got the Turbo Wheels.
Race 4 intro.
Jumping at the Sandy Straights.
You've failed...
Now you've got another Four by Four.
Race 5 intro.
You're again over the breakfest table, but now there are more chalenges.
Now you've got the Formula One.
Race 6 intro.
Racing the Cue-Ball Circuit.
You have to precise in order to avoid falling into the hole or off the table...

Genesis version

Title screen
Jeeps and Waffles
Desktop Roadsters
Road Warriors
F-1 Cars: On the billiards table.
Tuff-trux Bonus Round
Power-boat Bathtub
Dune Buggies
Helicopters in the Garden

NES version

Title screen
Choose a character
Racing in the bath tub
Racing on the kitchen table
The outcome of a race
Watch out for obstacles on the desktop
Flying choppers in two player mode
Avoid balls on the pool table
Water gets in the way at the beach
On top of the workbench

SEGA Master System version

Developers' screen
Main menu
Player selection
First race: the foam bath
"Desktop Drop-Off" track
"Oilcan Alley" track

SNES version

SNES Opening Screen
Choosing your driver/opponents
Boat racing through a Bathtub
First Race - Breakfast Bends