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Advertising Blurbs

Steam Store Description:
    An essential member of Cessna’s 205, 206, and 207 series of single-engine GA aircraft, the Stationair is used commercially in addition for personal flying. With a spacious cabin and rugged build, the CU206 when fitted out in different guises is used to carry out such tasks as observation and photography, sports and leisure activities and providing lifelines to remote areas. More than 8,000 of all variants were built up to 2006. The ‘U’ variants included in this add-on were designated ‘U’ for ‘Utility’ and feature a pair of clamshell doors at the starboard rear to allow loading of larger cargo.

    Carenado’s Cessna CU206 Stationair for FSX: Steam Edition is a detailed rendition of this aircraft which comes with three models (Normal, Amphibian and Cargo) and six paint schemes. Details include pitot pressure chamber, antennas, chocks, and pitot tube cover. In addition, this aircraft pack includes Custom panel and gauges including fuel computer gauge and autopilot with realistic day and night lighting effects.


    • External dynamic shadows, internal dynamic shadows on VC, normal mapping, specular mapping and bloom lights
    • Polygon optimized model
    • Cargo with Safety Mesh Bags
    • Interactive virtual cockpit
    • Animations include ailerons, elevators, rudders, water rudders and retracting gear (amphibian version), flaps and trim tab
    • Custom panel and gauges including fuel computer gauge and autopilot)
    • Built-in zoom gauges and digital readout features
    • Realistic light effects on gauges
    • Nightlight effects on panel
    • Real weight and balance
    • 3 models (Normal, Amphibian and Cargo)
    • Normal and Emergency Checklist
    • Panel Manual
    • Performance tables

    Contributed by Charly2.0 (187763) on Jun 24, 2017.