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Back of Box - Windows (US):
    Respect on the BAD STREETS comes at a PRICE... ...are you willing to pay it?

    If not, then Midnight Race Club: Supercharged! is not for you!

    As the clock strikes midnight, the competition is just getting started. If you're going to get any respect on the streets... It's time to kick some...!!!!! Whether you select one of four unique cars or supercharged streetbikes are your passion, get ready for the most realistic street racing game ever! There is no room for crybabies, so if you don't have the confidence and car to take it all the way to the top.... GO HOME AND CRY TO YOUR MOMMY!!

    Features :
    • A variety of race tracks for endless gameplay!
    • Cars and trucks modeled after real world street racers!
    • Awesome supercharged motorcycles that SCREAM!!
    • 60 different ways to race!!

    Contributed by J W (107) on Oct 31, 2010.