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Mikie Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

The classroom
Bumping a student off their desk
First letter collected
Teeth approaching Mikie
1st completed message
Hallway 1
Mikie receives a punch to the head
Locker Room
Mikie carrying a basketball
Chef bouncing the basketball
2nd completed message
Hallway 2
The canteen
Mikie carrying a chicken
3rd completed message
Hallway 3
Trashcan has a mind of its own
The gymnasium
The dancers will stun Mikie if he gets in the way
4th completed message
Hallway 4
The exterior
5th completed message
Name Entry
High Scores

Arcade version

Title screen
Game starts
Life lost
Second room
Game Over

BBC Micro version

Two colour loading screen. Frankly it would have looked a lot better in mode 1 with 4 colours.
Level 1: I've collected the hearts and the door is ready to open. Just have to avoid the teacher to get to it.
In the corridor between classrooms (levels) about the enter the next room.
Level 2: The locker room.
Level 3: In the cafeteria, being pursued by the teacher and two chefs.
Level 4: In the Dancing studio with lots of hearts to collect and dancers to avoid.
Level 5: Outside in the school garden.
Completed it: All the hearts collected and given to Mandy.
High score table.

Commodore 64 version

Quantum Physics Room
Mikie bobbin' to the game's music
Locker Room
"Who wants a basketball thrown in their face?"
Mikie, watch out for the flying teeth!
One of the hallways
Mikie and the teacher watch the dancers on the left do their stuff
Even the football players are against Mikie
Say hello to Mike's girlfriend
Name entry
Check out #2 on the charts

SG-1000 version

In the classroom
Locker room

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
Choose controls
In classroom
Annoying teacher
Game Over
I search something
Doors are locked.
Dining room.