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Minecraft Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
My first home.
Expanding my home with with a stone keep. A pig got on the roof
Makin' Bacon! As Duke Nukem would say.
My glass windows keeps the skeletons out.
My new keep still misses a roof.
Digging a ditch.
The terrain isn't always realistic.
Attacking a cow with my pointy stick. I hope he can swim.
Mining for coal.
A natural arch.
Lava flow in a cave.
This lava fall went for almost 50 meters straight down.
Zombies are spawned in this room.
Placing enough lights prevents them from spawning.
The moon sets in the early morning, as seen from a cliff next to my house.
Monument Valley? It's greener than I remember!
You can collect lava with a bucket.
Swarmed by enemies.
You'll encounter this screen way more often than you'd like. And hell, it really hurts when it happens.
Found a gold vein!
Creating TNT.
My new armor.
My keep now has multiple floors and a basement. I also build a moat around my house to keep out the creeps (not depicted).
Funny anecdote: I got lost in some caves, hundreds of meters below the ground. I decided to just dig my way up. I ended up directly in the waterfall causing most of the cave structure to flood.
Massive cave structures.
A skeleton hit me, and I hit him.
Large natural room in a cave.
Sailing home with my spoils.
Creating a book case.
Inside of my lighthouse.
My house as seen from on top of my lighthouse.
My bank vault with working double doors.
Riding my mine cart.
All aboard!
My lighthouse is almost finished and nearly touches the clouds.
You can see my house from a distance here. Judging by the ice, you can set the world from grassy fields to winter wonderlands.
Burning the sand down. The particle effects look great.
Nighttime on a beach.
Third person prespective. Your player look would change randomly. Here you can see me holding something.