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Mined-Out Screenshots

User Screenshots

Camputers Lynx version

Title screen
Starting out
Coming across a mine
Muffing it!
Action replay
Game over

Dragon 32/64 version

Title screen
Ready to go
Encountered one mine
Crossed the screen successfully
Crossed screen 2
Pick up the question marks for bonus points
Action replay with visible mines
The gap on the middle of the screen moves around
Hunted by the bug
Hit a mine
High score

Oric version

Title screen
Starting out
The first level is easy, as you can see by the straight path across the screen
After each completed screen, you see the minefield and the path you took
The second screen has two damsels to be saved for bonus points
Saved one, but hit a mine.
Game over

ZX Spectrum version

Isn't that an Oasis song?
The +2 Spectrum's test signal looked a lot like this
Main menu
Instructions 1
Instructions 2
Ready to go
'Adjacent' mines are in the 4 main directions
Hit a mine
Where the mines were
The game is over.
Bill was rescued. Hip-hip..!
YS issue 72: Magnificent Seven 9 version. Do you know how I happen to know this? (suspense and pause)... Psychic powers, that's how.
I won't... I...I... (YS issue 72: Magnificent Seven 9 version)
YS issue 72: Magnificent Seven 9 version. (why don't you expl...)
Here's how I know (more suspense): this is the only English version where the controls are correct. Every other version had a mistake specifying the control keys.
Now, let's play this awesome game, predecessor of Minesweeper.
In opposition to its successor, Mined-Out has 9 different levels instead of just one with three degrees of difficulty. The main goal is to reach the other side's gate...
..except for the 9th level. Now, completing the 1st one.
Despite being a simple logical game with very simple graphics, it can have many unexpected varieties. 2 Damsels awaiting to be rescued.
The field is being scouted for mines. Rescuing the first Damsel.
Both Damsels rescued... aham...
GO! For the third level.
A mine spreader is spreading... you know what... This is only the first wave.
A second wave scattered more mines. These become visible and can add information about the hidden ones.
A third and a fourth wave of spreading mines. The mine spreader smashed the single pretty lady on the left. The same fate awaits the other.
4th Level. A new foe just arrived on the scene. Let me introduce you: "The Bug".
This nasty bugger will relentlessly chase you until you get berserk. This was the case where either I was blown into pieces or smashed against the Bug.
I blew it at level 6!
I muffed it, I admit... at level 7.
I'm sorry ladies but I'm in a hurry! The Bug is a nasty one. Completing the level.
Next one. The gap was closed. A new strategy has to be engineered. Fortunately the Bug is out of scene now.
Hiding between 3 mines was a success. The gap was opened. Prepare yourself for a raising of difficulty.
Level 9 - Bill is trapped within electrical moving walls.
Surprise! The paths you'd scouted are being erased. From now on you can count only with your memory (and some savegames too).
As can be seen, no white paths now. Almost saving Bill!!!... Why the heck a worm? Why not Samantha Fox or Sabrina?
If you pay attention, Bill the worm erased the informative line on top.
I dunno what's happening now, but these programmers really know how to make a commemoration with just a pack of characters. I take my hat.
I won two thousand points, and I really do feel satisfied with this game.