MiniSquadron Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Main menu
56 planes are available, although I have only unlocked a few
Each plane has its own characteristics
First wave has only birds
Early on the enemy planes are similar to my own plane
I've managed to shoot down an enemy plane
Of course I am! - I've just cleared a checkpoint
Each level consists of twelve waves
I've picked up a power up that launches a few fireballs
Not a safe landing
Warning message when getting close to crashing
Getting shot down
Enemies are not only planes - here's an UFO
Level completed!
The map consisting of eight levels
An enemy has picked up a power up causing me to freeze
The ghost power up makes me invisible to the other planes
This enemy planes launches a cascade of fireballs above my head
Launching an airstrike
When stalling you have to turn around and dive to avoid crashing
A gigantic laser beam should do some massive damage
This plane has double fire
I'm not sure this is even a plane - looks more like a flying missile firing monkey
A dogfight in the sunset - how romantic
Oh no they got lasers

iPhone version

Title / main menu
Player name / options
Game type
Locations map
Game start - Duck Island
He goes down in flames
Next wave - shows incoming plane types
Stalled and shot down
Frozen in mid air
Face Land
Stalling hit by cluster bomb
Plane unlock
Plane selected and stats performance
Low altitude warning - I can see my shadow on the ground
Splash another one
Air Rage!
Damaged him will loop around for the kill
Clawing for altitude - currently high score
Air Rage! Eric took me out!
Unlock 3 new planes bonus
Banshee - jets
Neko Sora - homing missiles
Turtle - cluster bomb
Destroyed by flying saucer!
Air Rage! Zak flying the saucer