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Minority Report: Everybody Runs Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

The game starts with a licensing screen, company logos for Activision, 20th Century Fox, Fox Interactive, Dreamworks and Treyarch followed by a short animation showing a sleeper awakening
The title screen
The main menu
All of these special features, apart from the credits, must be unlocked before they can be seen
The games credits show many developer as inmates of the future crime prison with the exception producer who runs the establishment
There are three different controller configurations to choose from, neither can be customised
The start of basic training. There are two training levels, level 1 for the walking around and fighting stuff and level 2 for using the jetpack. Level 1 must be completed before level 2
Starting a new game.
After checking the memory card and creating a save slot the game prompts for a player name
Starting a new game.
One of the load screens for the first mission. This screen is followed by an animated sequence. That is followed by a second load screen and then the action begins
Starting a new game
This is the introductory video sequence, it shows the victim, the assailant, and outside the window the goodies aircraft
Starting a new game
The baddie runs a food company so naturally we're attacked by waiters, some armed with rolling pins
Around the levels there are goodies to be found. Cash can be used on the black market, the cube thing behind it is a health power up
The environment contains lots of stuff to shatter. This was a food display - shame we can't use the pizzas as a health power up
Its a good job we paid attention to the training level because it's a long way down
The first level ends with an animated sequence showing the baddie being taken into custody
The end of level status screen for level one, easy mode. There are three difficulty settings easy, normal & hard