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Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark Lord Screenshots

User Screenshots

MSX version

MSX2: The background story scrolls by
MSX2: You see a castle in the distance
MSX2: The king gives you your mission
MSX2: Encountering a dragon
MSX2: Encountering a band of bandits
The background story scrolls by
You see a castle
The king gives you your mission
Encountering a dragon
Your inventory
Looks like an armadillo
You've encountered a band of bandits

NES version

A game by ASCII and Kogado
Title screen
You start out near a castle
The king gives you a mission
Encountered a dragon
Encountered a thief
Options and equipment menu
A monster called "Iason"
You died, leaving your fairy alone
The extremely long passwords

SEGA Master System version

Name Entry
Japanese title screen
The Map
Your weapon inventory. No weapons yet
Your item inventory. No items yet
Merchants can give you hints on where to go and what to do
One of the enemies are having a go at you
Talking to the Sage of Kosama
One of the villagers says "hi"
In each town, you can buy weapons