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Back of Keep Case (German):

    Wir brauchen Ihre Mithilfe!

    "Er tötet nach einem bestimmten Ritual. Er ist inspiriert durch die Vergangenheit. Er speichert Hinweise auf einer CD-ROM, die Sie zu ihm führen kann. Er hat noch immer zwei unschuldige Menschen in seiner Gewalt. Um sie zu befreien, bleiben Ihnen zwei Dinge: Intuition und Internet."

    Ein investigatives Abenteuer am Rande der Realität!
  • Spielen Sie gegen einen Serienkiller
  • Die Untersuchungen führen Sie quer durch Europa - von Paris bis Istanbul
  • Lüften Sie das dunkle Geheimnis um PHOENIX
  • Recherchieren Sie im Internet
  • Per Email stehen Sie in Kontakt mit authentischen Personen
  • Achten Sie besonders auf Videos, Fotos und Musikstücke

    Buch und Regie von Eric Viennot (bekannt durch Kinoproduktionen).
    Basierend auf korrekten historischen Daten.

    Ein Internet-Anschluß ist erforderlich, aber In Memoriam ist kein Online-Spiel. Sie benötigen den Anschluß nur, um Zugang zu Webseiten zu haben sowie Mails senden und empfangen zu können. Ein 56.6 Modem ist ausreichend.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66712) on Nov 23, 2004.


    Our journalist, Jack Lorski, disappeared along with his friend, Karen Gijman, whilst investigating a series of murders.

    This CD-ROM is our only lead to finding them. We need your help.


    We hesitated for a long time before deciding to go public. However, since our journalist, Jack Lorski, and his friend disappeared, events have suddenly started gathering pace.

    Arnaud Ivan, SKL Network’s CEO, received a CD-ROM and a video excerpt at his home address, which has made us take all of this very seriously.

    An in-depth analysis of these elements finally convinced us that our employee and his friend have been kidnapped. We believe this kidnapping could be linked to the case of MP Kourievski.

    We have since been contacted by someone who is obviously holding Jack and Karen captive. It is more than likely that this same person also designed and created the Black CD-ROM currently in your possession.

    This person calls himself "The Phoenix" and ends his messages with the words "In Memoriam." The Phoenix has specifically asked us to go public with his CD-ROM, which is all part of the challenge he refers to as his "Great Work."

    After a great deal of discussion and thanks to the support of the families involved and our partners, we decided to agree to the Phoenix’s demand.

    Thank you for your invaluable help.

    SKL Network - Editorial Board, In solidarity with Jack Lorski and Karen Gijman

    Contributed by Terrence Bosky (5463) on Oct 08, 2004. the game: making of:

    An extraordinary adventure

    “One of the gambles with In Memoriam was to make the player feel he ’s involved in a movie. But he doesn’t play a specific role. Instead, he ’s at the heart of a plot which blends reality and fiction.” Eric Viennot (author/director)

    It took Eric Viennot four years to write and produce In Memoriam. Inspired by real events, the scenario alone was one year in the making. He called on historians and specialists in the occult sciences. And, in the course of this long research phase, he consulted documents to which public access is usually prohibited.

    Then the location research began, and the filming, with more than 30 hours of rushes, shot in six different countries and under the same conditions as a genuine movie shoot ...surely a first in the video game world!

    But shooting a movie normally takes a few months. In Memoriam took two years. Why? Because Eric Viennot's passion for realism led him to film each scene under exactly the same weather and light conditions that Jack and Karen would have experienced during their two-year investigation.

    At the same time, the game ’s online and offline content was under development, involving many people from different fields, each with their own complementary talents – graphic artists, writers, journalists, actors, cameramen, computer scientists, web-designers, musicians, etc. – each contributing to the scope and depth of this multifaceted work.

    Then, after four long years, In Memoriam at last saw the light of day!

    Contributed by Terrence Bosky (5463) on Sep 29, 2004.
    Extracts from the psychological profile by David Marcus

    “The Phoenix is a particularly fearsome character, being intelligent and driven by ideas which feed off an inexhaustible source of disturbing events. Until we find out more about his peregrinations, I’d say that the Phoenix is a rootless individual, profoundly solitary, and a vagabond on a European scale. He’s sexually frustrated, insensitive, immoral, stubborn and unstable. In short, the classic core of a psychopathic personality.

    One thing is certain: the Phoenix hunts down his future victims via the Internet. Many of the latter had their own web sites. He’s sure to be insistent and to turn up under different aliases. As we’ve observed with other criminals, the skill with which he conceals himself strengthens his intoxicating sense of impunity. The challenge he represents for the police, and delusions of grandeur, result in emphatic and provocative statements. Sometimes, his behavior is so careless that it expresses an unconscious desire to be arrested.

    The heap of clues gleaned from history, religion and esoteric representations, fuels the dominant psychological process in his mental functions, namely: intellectualization. This mechanism enables him to repress shameful impulses from his conscious mind, though they surge back when he puts them into action. A life of the feelings is denied outright. Emotions and feelings are completely evacuated, making way for a highly structured cerebral process of elaboration. Everything that should make the hand tremble or the heart beat – in a word, doubt – has vanished from the Phoenix’s sphere of consciousness. He is dazzled and blinded by ideals and wild imaginings.”

    Contributed by Terrence Bosky (5463) on Sep 29, 2004.

Adventure Company web site:
    Journalist, Jack Lorski, and his companion disappear while investigating a string of gruesome murders. Soon after their disappearance, Jack’s agency receives a disturbing CD-ROM containing footage he captured during his investigation. More than just a CD, this disc is in-fact the beginning of a terrifying game with a maniacal killer known only as “The Phoenix.”

  • Enter the mind of a serial killer and see if you can unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of a journalist and his companion and the recent ghastly murders.
  • Missing offers an innovative blend of Windows gameplay and the internet to immerse players in this elaborate game of cat-and-mouse.
  • Receive actual e-mail from virtual characters and The Phoenix himself offering important clues.
  • Visit a wealth of real websites and fictitious sites created solely for the game to obtain valuable information vital to solving the case.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76453) on Jul 04, 2004.
    An investigation experience to track a serial killer. Reality and fiction are blurred in this movie style thriller game.

    Enter the game of The Phoenix using e-mail, the internet and movie footage to solve his puzzles in a dark and thrilling environment.

    In Memoriam is played using a CD-Rom but to make progress in the adventure, the player also connects to the Internet to find information that’s essential to accomplish some of the missions. At certain key moments, he receives snippets of film that the serial killer stole from the journalist. Use those extracts to reconstruct the events that led Jack and Karen into the clutches of the serial killer and save them from death.

    Many of the story details are based on true facts, reality and fiction are being superimposed on one another: real and fake Internet sites, virtual characters who send you e-mail messages, … Follow the steps of a real serial killer.

    While investigating a series of bizarre murders committed throughout the length and breadth of Europe, the journalist Jack Lorski vanishes with his young female companion.

    A few weeks after Jack’s disappearance, the agency he works for receives a CD-Rom featuring fragments of the filmed log book he kept, along with a mixture of strange data. The agency decides to publish the CD-Rom. It’s the only clue that might help them find the missing journalist.

    The CD-Rom is designed like a game and was created by a kind of crazy esthete who, though cultivated, seems devoid of any moral sense. The killer goes by the name of “The Phoenix”. He toys with the player, steering him this way and that, feeding clues in dribs and drabs which lead back into the past to shed light on the mystery.

  • 30 hours of rushes
  • 45 minutes of video
  • 25 actors and extras
  • More than 300 websites linked to the plot
  • More than 100 puzzles and games
  • Game characters who send you e-mails

  • >> A CD-Rom created by a Serial Killer.
  • The Serial Killer rules the game and manipulates you. Can you out fox him?
  • Total immersion, with many puzzles to be solved.
  • Absorbing script: the Serial Killer holds all the cards. You must interact with him to get the clues needed to solve the mystery of Jack Lorski’s disappearance.

  • >> A blend of reality and fiction.
  • Based on real facts.
  • You will have to visit both real web sites and extremely realistic fake sites, created for the game and integrated into the world wide web. 300 web sites linked to the plot.
  • Receive real e-mails, which build the story and are integrated in to the script.

  • More than 45 minutes of real movie footage, featuring professional actors, and many sequences created by the Serial Killer.

    >> Captivating and strong atmosphere taken from the best Thrillers.
  • Feel the suspense with high quality sound and visuals.
  • A credible and breath taking script
  • Inspired by movies such as The Silence of the Lambs and Seven…

  • Contributed by Jeanne (76453) on Feb 13, 2004.

Back Cover:

    Will you enter his game?

    He kills according to a specific ritual and is inspired by a distant past. to defeat him you have two assets... your intuition and the internet.

    An investigation game on the edge of reality
    - Play against a serial killer -
    - Investigate all over Europe from Paris to Istanbul -
    - Attempt to solve the PHOENIX's dark games and riddles -
    - Use the internet as an investigation tool -
    - Communicate with characters via email -
    - Analyse video excerpts, photos and sound tracks -

    Contributed by Jeanne (76453) on Feb 13, 2004.