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Two titles are available in this cart:
  • Mission Impossible is an action game. The player must protect a cargo ship (white craft) which travels on a lay lines from bounty hunters (red crafts), which will destroy the cargo ship if they cross its way. As the cargo ship moves along the lay lines, the player must place NGR bots (green X symbols) at the lay line intersections to change traffic; the player has 7 NGR bots and can replace them. When any ships reaches an NGR bot, it will turn right if traveling vertically or turn toward the bottom of the screen when traveling horizontally. Red mushroom-shaped power ups, when picked up allow the cargo ship to destroy the bounty hunters; alternatively, bounty hunters can be simply directed to them and will be destroyed. White X marks will send the cargo ship back in the opposite way it was traveling; if hit by a bounty hunter, they will also send them back, but will be destroyed. Lilac squares are mines which will destroy any ship that passes over them. Finally, blue dots will give bounty hunters an extra life if taken by them. The player and the bounty hunters start with 15 lives each, the first to drop to zero loses.

  • Programmed Trip is a turn based game which shares many elements from the previous game. As the name implies, the player has to program the trip of the cargo field so it passes over pickup points (colored + symbols) in a specific order: first lilac, then red, then blue. To do so, NGR bots can be placed to redirect the ship, and some fields may also have White X marks already placed. After all desired NGR bots are placed, the player can release the cargo ship by placing the cursor over the upper left corner and pressing the action button. When the cargo ship is released the player has 30 points. Passing over pickup points in the correct order adds 20 points to the score, while passing over them in the wrong order or hitting any other item (NGR bots or white X marks, for instance) subtracts 10 points from the score. The game is over either when the score reaches 0 or when all pickup points were reached in the right order (in which case they'll turn white).


Mission Impossible / Programmed Trip Odyssey 2 Programmed Trip: end of game, I scored 164 points.
Mission Impossible / Programmed Trip Odyssey 2 Programmed Trip: the cargo ship is on its way.
Mission Impossible / Programmed Trip Odyssey 2 Mission Impossible: two while X marks appeared on the field.
Mission Impossible / Programmed Trip Odyssey 2 Programmed Trip: The playfield at the start of the game.

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