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Nintendo 64 version

Hey hey, things are going to shake, so bring your rumble pak!
Intro cutscene: starring Jim Phelps.
Intro cutscene: starring Candice Parker.
Intro cutscene: starring Jack Kieffer.
Intro cutscene: starring Andrew Dowey.
Intro cutscene: starring Tom C... er, Ethan Hunt!
Title Screen.
Main menu.
Wonder if impossible is really impossible. If so, what's the point?
Here we go, mission one.
Mission one intro cutscene: beautiful day at the park, lets see what we've got here...
Mission one intro cutscene: see those middle-eastern guys? Guess who the bad guys are?
Mission briefing.
Choose your team.
Mission objectives.
You entering the stage.
Ingame menu screen.
Ok, go there and do as I say...
When aiming, your view will change to first person (cool, eh?)
Having a little discussion with that guy. At the bottom right corner you can see your best argument being used.
Yeah, and I'm Santa Claus...
You're dead.

PlayStation version

Fun in the bathroom

Official Screenshots

  • Mission: Impossible Screenshot
    E3 1998