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Atari Black Friday

Monopoly Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Copyright crap
Choose a token
Rolling the Dice
What a way to start the game
Electric Company
Community Chest
Free parking for SYS
Auction time
Viewing the properties you own

Amstrad CPC version

Loading Screen
Player selection
Moving along the board
A property is being brought

Commodore 64 version

Copyright crap
Token selection
Rolling the Dice
Rupert landed on Euston Road
Auction Time
Rupert landed on Marylebone Station
A screen telling you who owns which property
One of the Chance cards
Lucky son of a bitch!
I hate paying tax
Free Parking
Water Works
Buying Houses

DOS version

Make your graphics choice from this opening screen
CGA Title Screen
CGA Copyright Screen
CGA 2nd Copyright Screen
CGA Choosing your tokens and names
CGA Beginning the game
CGA Landing on a property
EGA Title Screen
EGA Copyright Screen
EGA 2nd Copyright Screen
EGA Choosing your tokens and names
EGA Starting the game
EGA Landing on a property
EGA Screen showing Player Stats at the bottom

MSX version

Title screen
Select players...
Who throws first?

Tatung Einstein version

Title screen
Startup screen

Thomson MO version

Title image
Main menu
Player selection
Moving along the board

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Title screen
Choose players and pieces
Names can only contain letters
Highest number goes first
The ultimate unlucky start
Pronouced Paul Maul
The browns aren't really worth bothering with
Neither are the utilities