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1UP (May 24, 2006)
Still, it's very impressive that Capcom has managed to capture the entirety of the original game on a handheld and improve upon it in meaningful ways. It's a lot more game than you'd expect from your average handheld title, and one that transcends the usual, disposable nature of portable games.
Play Magazine (Apr 28, 2006)
Monster Hunter Freedom gets pretty damn close to being a classic hack-’n’- slash adventure. If you’re Billy-no-mates you’ll never get the most out of it, but rustle up some pals and it becomes an engrossing multiplayer experience.
Cheat Code Central (Dec 20, 2005)
Combining RPG and action elements the gameplay has a nice balance of combat and strategy. Some of the nicest graphics ever displayed on the PSP system. Sharp, flowing and realistic. The controls work great but you have to navigate the Japanese menu to understand what's going on. The music is both familiar and alien enough to represent this strange and wondrous world. Even moreso than the PS2 version the single-player mode is loaded with things to do. The four-player mode is great but again you probably won't find too many friends that have a copy of the game.
GamesRadar (Jun 24, 2006)
In short, Monster Hunter Freedom is a huge game, and it fills out especially well on the PSP. The game's short-burst quests and small-scale exploration are perfectly suited to a handheld game, and while it's easy to get into, it gets more fun and involving the more you play. Aside from a few irritations (like immensely frustrating battles against seemingly invincible monsters, a slightly finicky camera and no pause feature aside from the PSP's "sleep" mode), this is easily one of the PSP's deepest, most involving and all-around best games.
If you're looking for a different kind of hack 'n' slash action/RPG type game for your PSP then Monster Hunter Freedom is definitely worth a look. There's a lot of single-player content here and if you have friends who also own the game you can even take advantage of the multiplayer missions that are available. Of course without a true online experience it's not quite the same game as the PlayStation 2 version of Monster Hunter but given that it is essentially a PSP version of the improved Monster Hunter G that was only released in Japan (and has some unique features of its own), it's definitely a game Monster Hunter fans are going to want to own.
IGN (May 30, 2006)
Monster Hunter Freedom delivers what fans want in a portable game. It’s not a perfect translation, as it suffers from overly long load times and quests, but these issues don’t ruin the experience. And while it’s unfortunate that Freedom shipped without an online mode, the single-player campaign and multiplayer mode have enough content to produce more than 100 hours of gameplay. It’s one of the longest, most involved titles on the system.
75 (Jun 05, 2006)
Malgré des problèmes de prise en main, un aspect guindé et l'accès online épuisant de manipulations, Monster Hunter Freedom s'élève grâce aux mêmes éléments qui ont provoqué son succès sur PS2. Immersif, puissant, dévoilant immédiatement un intérêt profond, le soft de Capcom parvient à charmer par une ambiance, une couleur, un son. Et c'est en cela qu'il est passionnant. De plus, l'excitation de la traque et du côté épique de la chose joue énormément dans l'impression finale.
74 (May 26, 2006)
So richtig warm geworden bin ich mit Monster Hunter Freedom nicht. In Zeiten eines World of Warcraft ist mir das Gameplay dieses japanischen Rollenspiels zu starr. Ich möchte etwa mehrere Quests gleichzeitig in Angriff nehmen und nicht jedes Mal extra wieder den langen Weg zum Lager zurücklegen, zumal die Ladezeiten extrem lang sind. Andererseits machen die Kämpfe gegen die Dinos und anderen Monster durchaus Spaß, auch wenn die Kamera ständig mühsam nachjustiert werden muss, um zu sehen, gegen wen man gerade kämpft. Die vielen Quest sind schön abwechslungsreich und lassen sich auf Wunsch auch im gelungenen Onlinemodus spielen (wenn man denn mal Spieler in der Lobby findet). Fans des PS2-Vorgängers und japanischer Rollenspiele werden mit Monster Hunter Freedom sicherlich einige motivierende Stunden mit dem Aufleveln ihres Helden verbringen, die breite Masse spricht das Spiel trotz der sehenswerten Präsentation aber nicht an.
71 (May 19, 2006)
Die freie Charakterentwicklung, die wunderschönen Landschaften, Clippingfehler, eine verkorkste Steuerung: Ich hätte genau so gut auf unseren Test zum PS2-Vorbild verweisen können, denn Freedom ist nichts anderes als eine dezent aufgebohrte Fassung des ursprünglichen Monster Hunters. Was an Spielraum im heimatlichen Kokoto hinzugekommen ist, haucht dem Abenteuer mehr Leben ein, wirkt im Grunde aber wie ein umfangreicher Patch. Besonders die Frustmomente während der Kämpfe hätte Capcom in den Griff kriegen müssen.
Monster Hunter Freedom is a deep, engrossing experience that is likely to be hampered by a players inability to utilise its full capabilities. It’s portability is limited to long time periods but then you’ve got the battery issue. Players expecting to run in guns blazing and swords swinging will not get as much as a player who has really thought out how they're going to go about playing the game, meaning that it will still not appeal to lower end of the casual-gamer scale. The single player experience is improved over the PS2 incarnations, despite being essentially similar and makes for a good game for anyone willing to put in the time and effort to making the experience count. At the end of the day, the multiplayer reigns supreme. If you can find three others as willing and dedicated to playing the game to its fullest, you’re in for a great time.
Pocket Gamer UK (May 22, 2006)
So it's a testament to the solidity of the game's core RPG elements that Monster Hunter manages to remain powerfully compelling despite the deep wound affecting one of its primary aspects. The freedom and range of item management creates huge scope for personalised gameplay and strategy, and while the dawdling pace won't suit many, those able to respect the game's qualities should find the experience very rewarding.
GameSpy (May 31, 2006)
Monster Hunter is a series that's had little exposure in North America, but has managed to attract a dedicated following by providing a rugged, focused experience. The reliance on gathering tools and materials from the world and the creatures that live in it gives the game a distinct feel, and the complexities and depth involved in hunting and killing each different breed of monster nearly make the game feel like a simulation. It's a shame that Freedom isn't playable online, and there are a few awkward and unforgiving gameplay elements that hurt the overall experience, but determined hunters will find this quarry worth pursuing.
Legendra (Jun 10, 2006)
Monster Hunter Freedom se révèle un excellent représentant du genre et s'impose comme un bon RPG de la PSP, pour peu que vous aimiez ce genre et soyez prêts à faire face à la grande difficulté. Si tel est le cas, préparez vous à jouer des dizaines d'heures, pour parcourir l'univers somptueux du jeu à la recherche de la prochaine quête. Allez, je retourne faire griller mes steaks de dinosaures !
GameSpot (May 23, 2006)
Like the PlayStation 2 game it's based on, Monster Hunter Freedom has a lot of pretty cool content that is roadblocked by a camera that requires near-constant babysitting and a slow-pouring combat system that doesn't feel fully realized. The fact that there isn't exactly a boon of games like Monster Hunter for the PSP makes it slightly more appealing than its predecessor ever was, but even then the various flaws are all but too much to bear. Even if you've already come to terms with these problems in the original Monster Hunter, Freedom is still crippled by the absence of real online play, something that no amount of cat chefs can compensate for.
60 (UK) (May 08, 2006)
Veering between charming whimsy and violent slaughter, not to mention gameplay nirvana and hair-pulling frustration, with giddy abandon Monster Hunter Freedom finally settles somewhere below essential purchase, but still well above average. Staking its claim in the under populated wilderness betwixt classic story-driven RPG and balls-to-the-wall splatter action, it's a worthy evolution of a still-fresh franchise and a rather impressive addition to the PSP line up in its own right. The wireless co-op mode is a lot of fun, if you can muster enough friends, but the clunky control system and lazy camera combine to make the experience less enjoyable than it deserves to be.
Gamezine (Jun 17, 2006)
Malgré tout, par son ambiance graphique et musicale exceptionnelle, Monster Hunter Freedom reste une expérience à tenter. Les combats possèdent ce ton suffisamment dramatique pour s'immerger à fond dans cette chasse aux monstres, et pour peu de connaître des personnes possédant elles aussi le jeu, le jeu révèle tout son potentiel. En l'état, Monster Hunter Freedom n'est pas un mauvais jeu mais plutôt un titre plus que correct, en dépit de quelques défauts, gâté par l'absence inadmissible de mode online. Je vous conseille avant tout d'essayer la démo, sachant qu'elle représente la grande majorité de ce qui vous attendra pendant une vingtaines d'heures, puis de vous faire un avis par la suite.
Game Revolution (May 06, 2006)
The best part of Monster Hunter: Freedom is its look and feel. Every weapon and armor piece has its own detailed look, and if you like aggressive, spiky bits, your hunter will end up looking pretty snazzy. Great textures and fluid animations are accented with just the right environmental noise to create a tight, visceral feel. Running and panting through dense foliage in plate mail and carving a side of raw meat from a fresh kill feels spot-on. Er, we think. It’s too bad the rest of this mess doesn’t feel as good. Monster Hunter: Freedom tries to capture the odd, free-form gameplay that made its console counterpart so quirky, but its load problems, aggravating combat, lame AI and lack of online play dulls its blade immeasurably. Hunt for something else.
Lawrence (May 29, 2006)
Monster Hunter: Freedom continues on the course set by its predecessors. It's an extremely niche game whose (limited) success is based on the dedication of the online community it established, not groundbreaking gameplay or a deep, meaningful storyline. If you're a fan of the series you'll find yourself right at home and if, in spite of this review, you're still interested come equipped with a Zen-like patience. You'll need it.