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Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen.
Car select. There are plenty of cars including ones licenced from Marvel Comics.
Level select.
Sting rips the mayan temple taking off.
Targeting an opponent.
Spooky statue inside the Mayan temple.
Another section gives the illusion of being inside the statue.
The colisseum.
This room holds all the statues and pillars.
Almost everything in the levels are destructible.
A bus awaits visiting tourists. No, you can't knock down the Tower of Pisa.
Wolverine loses his tail in an intense fight.
And soon it explodes.
Battle end stats.
High scores.
The Hollywood stage naturally includes an empty soundstage.
This dinosaur epic should not be confused with the other one.
Taking a plasma beam from an enemy.
The set of Titaniconda. Brilliant.
Spider-Man avoids a geyser in The Junkyard level.
Those tires don't look very legal.
Force-feeding an opponent a rocket near the car crusher.
Reptoid snakes around The Big Apple.
These turnstiles are no match. But they will slow you down. Better watch out for that guy tailing you.
The snow level looks like it takes place in a chalet but instead starts off in a hockey rink.
How to date your game. Put the year the game came out in into the graphics.
The military base includes a stealth bomber parked right beside you. Interestingly enough the opponents aim straight for it and destroy it.
Boarding the aircraft carrier. Mind your step and don't fall off or it's game over.
The mine-field includes randomly exploding mines.
Wolvering stalks Vegas.
What a nice way to ruin my favourite casino.
At least the fountains are still there. But there's no Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli playing.
On the casino floor. You can tell it's a complete fantasy since there are no gamblers and that you can see where you are going because of the lack of smoke lingering in the air.
Inside the Treasure Island parody casino is this strange King Kong statue.
Lava island mini-game has you trying to knock each other off the island.
The canyon race mini-game is just that. A race.