Monster Jam Screenshots

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Windows version

Title Screen
Chossing a truck
Crushing in to the ship! What ship? It was there. Believe it!
My truck covered in dirt.
Preparing for a race.
Get off my roof!
Smash! Unfortunatly only 184 points for this one.
Air Time! And a nasty bug.
The loading screens inform you of the Monster Track slang.
Monster Truck Airborne.
Poor little plane is going to meet it's doom.
Cross country challenge.
A leap of faith.
Boosting my speed to the victory.
Crushing into fuel truck. It's not going to blow, though.
Taking a bath. I needed it.
Some bits of Monster Jam trivia.
Poor common cars getting it once again.
Take new cars for a ride. Destroyer - my personal favourite.
That's my idea of Tubular Dreams.
See the water tank? Crush the water tank!
Racing in the confined enviroments.
Monster truck mayhem.
Coming through!
Wow! That was really breathtaking.
In the warehouse, crushing things.