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Genesis 8 4.1
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Combined User Score 8 4.1

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100 (Jul, 2004)
Wer sich die Zeit gerne durch ein etwas anderes orientalisches Märchen versüßen möchte, dem sei Wonder Boy 6 wärmstens ans Herz gelegt, denn ein besseres Jump´n´run-Spiel wird man kaum finden. Eine Meisterleistung, die problemlos an den genialen Wonder Boy 5 herankommt.
100 (Jun 24, 2004)
In the end, I believe this game to be a true classic. It's a real shame that it never saw a release here despite the Genesis' success. If you have any interest whatsoever I urge you to give the game a try, because I was skeptical at first and have since declared this gem as a personal favourite. No library is complete without it.
WiiDefunct Games (May 11, 2012)
After taking half a year off, Nintendo is on a roll with their Virtual Console releases. Monster World IV is the type of game Nintendo should be releasing on the Wii. Enough with the Street Fighter II re-releases, bring us games that have never come out in the United States. Even with the slightly inflated price tag, Monster World IV is a fantastic game that deserves to be in everybody's library.
WiiFNintendo (May 26, 2012)
Monster World IV não é apenas mais um jogo Mega Drive emulado na VC. É também o lançamento de um título 16-bit há muito aguardado pelos fãs da série e que chega finalmente à Europa, com o devido empenho que a localização de uma aventura como esta necessita. Prova ainda que um bom jogo não tem idade e acreditem que, se for este o vosso género de eleição, é a melhor aposta que podem fazer no momento. Consegue ser uma lufada de ar fresco e ao mesmo tempo bafejar o efeito nostálgico dos velhos tempos. Imperdível.
GenesisRandom Access (Nov 03, 2013)
Monster World IV definitely takes the series out with a bang, and it's a rather challenging adventure that illustrates just how remarkable a side-scrolling action-RPG can be. It even put forth proof that having a female protagonist does not negatively impact the value of a game. Sadly, Monster World IV for the Sega Mega-Drive (the Japanese version of the Genesis console) did not leave the shores of Japan when it was first released in 1994. In 2012, however, Sega re-released many of their vintage titles on the Wii Virtual Console, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade, including Monster World IV with a brand new translation that's fairly consistent with the original Japanese text, finally making it available to the rest of the world nearly two decades later. It's definitely worth your time and energy to give this game a shot.
WiiNintendo Life (May 17, 2012)
Although the gameplay is probably the most solid of the whole series, where Monster World IV really shines is in the technical department. As is to be expected of a Mega Drive game from 1994, it features some very, very impressive graphics and, as seems to be the standard for the series, another highly catchy soundtrack. One minor annoyance is that the main theme seems to be repeated an awful lot; it pops up in a lot of the songs and might start to get old after a while.
GenesisSEGA-Mag (Objectif-SEGA) (Oct 07, 2008)
Pour son dernier épisode Monster World 4 est une réussite totale, un excellent jeu de plus à mettre au bilan général de la saga et une fois de plus c'est sur MegaDrive que cela se passe. Un titre plus que conseillé a tous les fans de la saga ; j'ai pour ma part pris un pied énorme en y jouant.
GenesisQuebec Gamers (Aug 26, 2005)
Très beau action-RPG qui surpasse son prédécesseur au niveau graphique, mais la linéarité de son aventure en fait un jeu un peu moins plaisant dans l'ensemble.
GenesisVideo Games (May, 1994)
Wer des blauen Kultigels schon längst überdrüssig ist, wird hier mit einem erstklassigen Jump‘n‘Run/Adventure versorgt. MW IV entfesselt ein Feuerwerk an Spielwitz und grandioser Spielbarkeit. Hübsche Hintergrundgrafiken, liebevolle gezeichnete Monstersprites und passende musikalische Rhythmen lassen das Spielerherz um zehn Takte höher schlagen. Nun kommt der Wermutstropfen: Leider gibt es zahlreiche japanische Schriftzeichen im Spiel. Manche Hinweise sind relativ belanglos und tragen nur zur Story bei, andere wiederum wären sehr hilfreich für einige Spielsituationen. Leute mit guter Kombinationsgabe können sich trotzdem an die japanische Version heranwagen. Ob eine englische Umsetzung erscheinen wird, steht leider noch nicht fest. Wer darauf nicht warten will, sollte bedenkenlos ohne Skrupel zugreifen.
GenesisLegendra (2001)
Le dernier épisode de la saga Wonderboy, le meilleur dans un style un peu différent des autres dû à la présence de la bestiole, mais déconseillé aux débutants, sa difficulté étant assez élevée.
Unfortunately, the game was released in Japan only, so unless you can read Japanese, a lot of the puzzles and quests are all but unsolvable. If you can find this title and aren’t afraid of the Japanese text, I’d definitely suggest picking it up!
71 (Sep 14, 2004)
Es una pena que no se haya sabido combinar las mejoras técnicas y en el control que aporta el juego con una continuidad en otros aspectos, "metiendo mano" en cosas, como el estilo de juego, que no necesitaban para nada se modificadas. El resultado final es un título digno pero que podía haber llegado mucho más lejos.