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Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Few druids are walking silently in the forest...
The druids are gathering at Stonehenge
The ceremony begins...
The ritual is about to commence.
A knight is watching the ritual from outside.
He joins the druids. He is ready for his quest.
Title screen
You are one of the chosen knights
Main menu
The four knights among which you are to choose differ only by colours and by the starting point of their adventure.
The world map with each knight in his starting position
What a mess!
These Ratmen can be tough if you battle two or three at once
You missed!
Lost the battle against the bald, blue-skinned hulk
The city of Waterdeep
Mythral the Mystic is at your service for a small donation
In both cities you'll find a healer
I'm just hanging around...
Struggling with the swamp creature
Slaughtered by a Ratman
Listening to Math the Wizard
Oh no! He transmuted me into a toad
Our hero got impaled
The city of Highwood
Better luck next time!
There can be only one!
Fighting Trogg War Beasts
Offer a magic item at Stonehenge to restore lost lives
Character stats and inventory
A Black Knight is throwing daggers
The Guardian: blue & busty
Lives of your hero are represented by knight heads. You can replenish them one at once at your starting location (that is you home village).
Every time a day (your turn) ends, this screen is shown.
"Take this!"
When you win against an opponent knight, you may choose to take one thing (one only per win) such as gold or equipment pieces (the sword, the armor, and so on).
A rare case where our two blows hit at the same time, and since we both had very low life, we both died.
This kind of monster is probably one of the most terrifying in the entire game.
The red dragon is the toughest enemy in the game, the one you won't be able to win against till the end of your adventure. Unfortunately after a few turns he flies over the land and may get knights.
A monster's agony.

DOS version

Main Title
Druids going to the altar of storms (intro sequence).
The fate lies in the hands of the knight who retrieves the moonstone.
Enchanted circle with main druid to help you gain some magic pockets.
After stormy ceremony, you are ready to face the evil.
Choose a Knight - Selecting a Knight only affects which you start first.
Game Start - World map. Each player has their turn to travel to a certain location.
After arriving at a particular location, you have the option to choose an action.
Looks like a horned lion with a bad sun tan. Get ready for them when they run your way!
Knight: 1 - Horned Lion with bad sun tan: 1. Nice death animations though!
Now this is REAL combat. Hey, killed 2 before they finally got me...not bad for a beginner.
There are 4 knights roaming the land and this dragon had to choose me as his Nacho side-dish.
Fight for your life with dragon
Main boss - Demon
Visiting the city of Waterdeep.
Mythral the Mystic - Make a donation and your abilities will be either raised or lowered by 1 point.
Fighting a Balok. They can be found in the Northern Wastelands.
These Baloks are nasty monsters. He picks me up, bites my head off and eats it!
Standing at the bottom of the wizard's tower.
You get useful tips during the loading process.
Need to free myself quick from his chokehold.
Little furry thing
Massacre place
Guardian slashes knight.
Head off
Time to duel
Bloody ending