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Moonwalker Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Copyright Screen?
The fans after Michael
The Beginning
The little yellow squares on the map represent fans
Michael, watch out for the truck
The little gray squares on the map represent the required items
Got some of the required items
Michael wears his yellow pants

Amstrad CPC version

Opening animation.
Loading screen
Title screen
The high scores
Level 1 loading screen
Starting level 1
A fan.
I found a key.
I found the pants.
Wearing the pants.
I found the booties.
A fan caught me.
Level 2 loading screen
Starting level 2 on my motorcycle.
I found an orb.
You can run down pedestrians.
Honey, I think it's time we traded up.

Atari ST version

Intro 2
Title screen
Title screen 2
Ingame intro
Level 1 start: avoid the yellow dots!
At least he has no horse and therefore is not faster than me
Found a part of the costume
And another one

Commodore 64 version

Some fans after Michael
The Beginning
Checked two of the required items
Michael, look out for the fan
Now wearing a bunny costume to fool the fans
Walking along...
Loading screen

DOS version

Walking legs intro
Legs swish around...
...into the Title Screen
Level 1 intro - The fans are after Michael.
Level 1 start - find the items and parts of the rabbit suit.
Michael Jackson in a rabbit suit rides away on a motorcycle after finishing level 1.
Level 2
Michael Jackson moonwalks in Club 30 just before level 3.
Level 3
A child gets kidnapped after level 3.
Level 4

MSX version

Title screen
Credits screen
Another title screen
The beginning of the game
Riding a motorcycle
Loading screen for part III of the game
Michael carries a gun!
Michael changed into a robot

ZX Spectrum version

The game has a long load sequence. During the first part a pair of animated feet do a moonwalk that's finished off by a twist and a jump
There then follows the game's first title screen ..
.... second title screen that scrolls vertically upwards to reveal copyright information. This then scrolls downwards to reveal the hi-score table. The cycle repeats until FIRE is pressed
After another period of loading this screen is displayed.
The game starts here. When a life is lost the game restarts here and the clock is reset to 6:00
The moving dots in the blue lower left window indicate the position of the enemies. The problem is that its hard to place them in relation to Michael
It looks like a Sumo wrestler is about to squash Michael
Found the key! Action keys 8 & 9 move Michael up & down, 6 & 7 move left & right. Combining the keys will make Michael move diagonally.
Action keys 8 & 9 move Michael up & down, 6 & 7 move left & right. Combining the keys will make Michael move diagonally.
A different part of the level. Even though Michael died after collecting the key, the lower part of the screen still shows a tick in its place so there's no need to go looking for it again
Found a jacket. It's not an icon in the lower part of the screen but Michael will have it anyway because it adds 250 to the score
There's a boot on the other side of the wall.....
This microphone is another 250 points