Mortal Kombat 3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Liu Kang's close fireball
Lao's jumping over Kano
Kano's light stick
Jax wins
Stryker uses stick to throw Nightwolf
Punch in face
Shang Tsung plays Sub-Zero
Cyrax's net
Kabal makes tornado
Plasma blast
Sector's rocket
Sheeva uses 4 hands to magic attack
Ice clone
Arcade fatality
Ice rain
Nightwolf's special attack
Kick in stomach
Ring toss
Leg grab
Presentation: Sindel
Presentation: Stryker
Presentation: Sektor
Battle Demo
Presentation: Kabal
Kahn strips the Earth of all human life
But there are souls which Kahn cannot take...

DOS version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Select your fighter
Sonya defeats Kung Lao
Sheeva, the female counterpart of Goro
Kung Lao performs his diagonal kick on Jax
Nighwolf's arrow hits Kung Lao
Kung Lao's hat hurls Kabal. Wow!
MK3 has some really magnificent settings.
Kano's blood spills everywhere after taking a hit from Kung Lao
The mighty Motaro is about to give Kung Lao a really big punch in the mouth.

Game Boy version

Title screen
Character select
Choose your difficulty
seeing the list of opponents you must defeat
Sektor vs Kano
The match begins
Sektor takes it on the chin
Sektor with the uppercut
One of Kano's fatalities
Sheeva vs Kano
Sheeva gets ready to spring for the attack
Kano throws Sheeva
Sheeva wins!
Sub-Zero vs Kano
Kano does a floaty spin-attack
Kano rushing Sub-Zero
Finish him!
Game Over
Sub-Zero disappears... again.
Sonya's "ending" story.

Game Gear version

Modest title screen
Short text-only intro
Selecting your fighter
Selecting your opponent
Let's begin!
Kano seems to like this grassy area
Using a special technique

Genesis version

Scrolling intro
Title screen
Wise words?
Character background
Let's go!
Sonya flies high
Huh... nice to meet you?
Selecting your fighter
Choose your destiny!
Battle in a subway
Battle on the street
Battle in a temple
Sonya fights Sonya
Sonya is showing what she can in the Soul Chamber
On the bridge
Game Over
Liu Kang defends
Nightwolf wins
Sub-zero revenge
Kabal wins
Finish him!
Cyrax lost battle
Jumping kick
Sonya wins
Interesting technique
Game Over
Sindel kicks Liu kang
Energy shot
Hair fatality attack
Over enemy

SEGA Master System version

Title screen.
Choosing the "kombatant".
Selecting a difficulty level.
VS screen.

SNES version

Title screen
Information about Kano
Whatever you say
Introducing Sonya
Starting the battle on the street
Aggressive guys
That's how we do it!
Finish him!
Violence control options
Main menu
Choosing your fighter
Choosing your level
Soul chamber
Spooky area
Hey, I just wanted to scratch my head
Nice backgrounds!
Demonstration mode: using one of his Fatalities, Jax morphs Kano in a complete "minced meat"!
Only ducking, Kabal got to avoid Sheeva's fireball.
Sindel shows to Kung Lao the immense supersonic power of her vocal chords...
Sonya Blade applying her Fatality Kiss of Death in Cyrax.
Using an accurate defense, Sindel is about to avoid Sub-Zero's upper ice move.
Cyrax's self-destruction sequence Fatality is activated: now, it's time to finish Sonya "forever"...
After being involved by Kabal's "yarn" move, Sonya is unable to fight for some instants.
Nightwolf's Rayden/MK II Arcade Machine Friendship and Sektor's victory pose: an unusual moment...
Taking advantage of Motaro's fast distraction, Sheeva hits him with a potent roundhouse kick.
Sub-Zero feeling the greatest power of Shao Kahn's Hammer: what a outstanding blow, man!
Nightwolf's tomahawk
Shang Tsung turns into ... hero from joust
Frozen stryker
Sindel crushed floor
Cyrax catches prey
Cabal's cannon

Windows version

In-game logo is spinning
Usual game scene
Shang Tsung Wins!