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Mortal Kombat 4 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Battle 1
Kai wins
Fighters list
Head flying...
Shinnok versus Raiden
Select your fighters

Nintendo 64 version

Player selection
Difficulty selection
Practice mode
Raiden throwing a lightning bolt.
Throwing a rock.
Quan Chi's Flying Skull move
Raiden taking an uppercut from Jarek.
Scorpion eating a fireball to the face (almost).
Quan Chi's fatality
Cage doing a Shadow Uppercut to Reptile.
Versus screen
Jax slamming Shinnok.
Cage's Ball Breaker move
Sonya's fatality
One of MK4's sadistic moves
Sub Zero's Ice Clone move
Ultimate Endurance stats
Sub-Zero's victory pose
Winning the Tournament mode.
Freeze and destroy, one of the Sub-Zero's fatalities
Game Over

PlayStation version

Intro movie scene.
Select your mode: 1 on 1 Kombat or 2 on 2 Kombat
Choose your destiny
Get over here!
Title screen / Main menu
Character selection
VS screen
Head twisting throw attack.
New game feature: Use of weapons.
Maximum damage mode, this mode repels both players to avoid make infinite combos.
Sub-Zero's fatality.
Another body toss attack, Sub-Zero is folding the Jarek's knee.
That really hurts.
You can enter initials when you got a new winning streak record.
You must continue before fall the spikes.
Raiden beats Goro.
Kombat theater, you can watch the characters endings like Tekken.

Windows version

The initial option screen
Title screen
The Fighters u get to select from
Do you want it to end this way
Practice mode
Raiden gets to fight here
That Scorpion guy can sure throw a mean flame
Tanya had dangerous legs
and thats a powerful uppercut
Endings can be accessed once you've completed the game with that character
The deal is for off Reptile
Raiden explains the new challenge (from the intro)
The bad guys...
The VS screen
Difficulty selection
Goro pounds the shit out of Jarek
You can now throw the items that litter the stages
No weapon can defeat Goro!
Fujin's wind fatality
Damn! That was messy
Get over here!
The classic words...
Sayonara Raiden!
Tournament config
Practice config.
Team mode
Sonya vs Jarek
Tanya strikes a pose
Here comes the ground!
Tanya plays with herself
Good acid split
Axe defence
Kai vs Reptile
Knee in back
Painful flying
Mirror match