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Mortal Kombat Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Introduction screen presenting Goro
Johnny Cage bio
Kano bio
Rayden bio
Liu Kang bio
Scorpion bio
Sub-zero bio
Sonya bio
Options screen
Fighter screen selection
Sometimes before the fight, Reptile appears revealing how to meet him
Scorpion punching Sub-Zero
Scorpion performing Fatality
Kano wins the fight performing his fatal move.
Famous "Get Over Here" Scorpion's special move
Kano fights Sonya on the pit...
Sonya falls down the pit after the fatal uppercut.
Every couple round the players tests his might.
Johny Cage fires his fireball.
Rayden beats Kano
Game Over

Arcade version

Title screen
Choose your fighter
Raiden special move on Sub-Zero
Low kick with spin
Electro blast
Scorpion's "Get over here"
Winner's pose
Liu Kang missed Scorpion
Energy shot
Blood! Game is brutal
Sonya throws Liu Kang
Stage fatality
Sub-Zero High kick was useless in this situation
Kano's low spinning kick was good
Kano is aggressive
Energy circles
Cage was pretty surprised
Finish uppercut
Green special attack
Special kick
Game Over
It hurts!!

DOS version

Title Screen
Choose your character
Liu Kang vs Scorpion in the courtyard
Sonya turns Scorpion upside down
Sub-zero vs Scorpion
Raiden tastes the pain caused by Scorpion's deadly spear
Test your might
Scorpion performs fatality to Scorpion. Wow!

Game Boy version

Title Screen
Goro Lives
Kano vs. Rayden (1)
Kano vs. Rayden (2)
Liu Kang vs. Scorpion (1)
Liu Kang vs. Scorpion (2)

Game Gear version

choose your fighter
Johnny Cage vs Scorpion
Johnny Cage vs Rayden
Johnny cage finishing move part 1 gathering strength
Johnny Cage finishing move part 2 knocking off head
with blood mode activated there is tons of blood
Scorpion vs Sub Zero
Scorpion vs Liu Kang
Scorpion vs Sonya
Get over here
Scorpion finishing move part 1
Scorpion finishing move part 2
Mirror match
Endurance match
Flawless victory
Sub Zero vs Sonya
Sub Zeros finishing move ripping off head and spine
Game Over
The fighters

Genesis version

I think we got the point...
Title screen
Logest winning streaks
Good to know, thank you
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful
Main menu with all the chaps
Selelcting a character
Shows your the order in which you'll have to fight your opponents
Buddha is peacefully watching Kano do some nasty thing to Sonya
The muscle-man in the background cheers Rayden
Rayden is pretty happy after finishing poor Sonya
Test your might!
I fight so bad just because this damn hanging skeleton distracts me!
Sub-Zero is using his cold attack on Scorpion

SEGA CD version

Title Screen
The Sega CD version includes video from the TV commercial
The FMV introductions are present here.
It's pretty much the same as the Genesis version.
Sonya throws around Johnny Cage
Lui Kang ducks Kano's blade
Sonya vs. Sub-Zero in the Dungeon
Character Selection
Performing for Shang Tsung
Test your Might

SEGA Master System version

Sub Zero vs Liu Kang
Sub Zero vs Rayden
Sub Zero vs Scorpion
Sub Zero vs Sonya
Sub Zeros freeze attack
Sub Zeros finishing move
Johnny Cage vs Sonya
Johnny Cages finishing move
Johnny Cages finishing move part 2
Scorpion vs Sonya
Get over here
Scorpions finishing move part 1
Scorpions finishing move part 2
Mirror match
Game over

SNES version

Title Screen
Choose Your Fighter
Cage throws Scorpion
Cage Wins
Sub-Zero deep freezes Sonya
You have a long journey...
The classical Scorpion's harpoon.
Scorpion's specialty: morph the kombatants in skeletons.
Some seconds you've to continue and strike back!
You've launched your opponent in the pit bottom. But the SNES version possess a weak point: NO BLOOD!
Goro is considered the most tough fighter of the game. But this is only impression...
Sub-Zero has the ability to transform the opponents into "sculptures" during its fatality. And later...
However, Kano has a quaint craze to pull out hearts. Perhaps he makes collection...
Sonia's Fatality: Kiss of Death.
Press A and B buttons quickly to increase the power level and reach the red line (or exceeds it). Then press any block button (L or R) to break the object and test your might.
Look out! Extreme electricity can dissolve everybody in question of seconds...
Johnny Cage's Fatality. Without blood is VERY boring.
Liu Kang's fireball has certain destination!
Goro in action.
Sonya prepares the counter-attack.
I'm sure that you'll use this move in 99% of the game!
Kano and your "fireball".
Fight with elders and old mans: total "disrespect"! But in this specific case, it's your destiny...
This Rayden's move leads the opponent until the "wall", where it suffers a strong impact.
This time, Scorpion's harpoon failed in catch the opponent and now the ninja will suffer the consequences...
Simultaneous sweeps.
Two Scorpions fighting? No, only one of these is real...
Sonya kicks Scorpion's face, removing some "sweat".
Try again, dude: this pretty fighter is ready to the challenge!