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Mouse Trap Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Starting level 1
Watch out for those plates
Collect all items to get door open
High Scores
Start of Level 2
You are dead
Watch out for red ball
Start of Level 3
Standing on a cloud

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen
High scores
Level 1
Level 1 - Dragon caught me!
Level 2 - deadly ant!
Level 3 - better move fast or the glove will catch you!
Level 4 - beware of a poison bottle!
Level 5
Level 6 - moving cups and a teapot!
Level 7 - another ant hiding at the bottom.
Level 8 - delicious strawberries.
Level 9 - snake, owl and something else.
Level 10
Level 11 - flying eggs.
Level 12 - flying cup will chase you!
Level 13 - another difficulty on the way - rolls of toilet paper!
Level 14 - dragon and bat.
Level 15 - so many obstacles!
Level 16 - rope at the top will help you pass.
Level 17
Level 18 - there's a witch on a broom.
Level 19 - another level with rope!
Level 20 - so simple it seems...
Level 21 - bombs falling!
Level 22 -that's it, you found cheese!

Atari ST version

Calm down dear, it's just a mouse
Starting position
The moving logos helpfully remind you the name of the game you're playing. Which is nice.
Everything's collected, so the door's opened
Screen 2
Dead - there's a monster behind that lower wall, so cross it when you can't see him
Watch that red ball (of Edam?) as it moves
Screen 3
Riding on a cloud
High scores

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen (US Release)
Title Screen (UK Release)
Collect the bottles
Waiting for the moving platform
More bottles to collect