Advertising Blurbs – Nintendo 64:
    Dine and dash with the first lady of video games.

    Ms. Pac-Man first stole the hearts - and quarters - of video game fanatics way back in 1981. Now, nearly 20 years later, Namco's leading lady is gobbling ghosts again in an entertaining update of the game that made her a star.

    Beauty and the Beast

    Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness takes the ghost-dodging, pellet-munching fun of the original game and adds tough puzzles, new enemies and rich 3D landscapes.

    Instead of just feeding her face for the fun of it, this time Ms. Pac-Man is on a quest to recover the four Gems of Virtue which sustain Pac-World's most mysterious realms. After eating her way through desert wastelands and chilly crystal caverns, Ms. Pac-Man ultimately has to defeat an evil goblin named Mesmerelda who has captured the Pac-Princess and Pac-Professor.

    Good Gobblin'

    Maze Madness takes place in a 3D environment, but the camera remains in a fixed position and Ms. Pac-Man's movement is restricted by maze walls. This basically eliminates any potential camera problems, but if you happen to run into any blind spots the camera can be zoomed in and out manually.

    The basic premise of the gameplay is exactly the same as in the original Ms. Pac-Man: gobble pellets, avoid ghosts and rack up big points. The execution, though, is totally modern. To reach the exit to each level and find all of the pellets, Ms. Pac-Man must move blocks, activate switches and solve challenging puzzles. Although the gameplay is linear (earn 20 pellets to open a door, then move to the next level), there are a ton of secret areas and bonus items hidden in each level to reward exploration.

    Stars are rewarded if you can accomplish certain tasks like scoring more than 20,000 points in a level, eating all of the fruit in a level, gobbling all of the pellets in a level or beating a level's Time Trial Mode. These Stars give you the clout necessary to advanced to more challenging areas of the game.

    Ms.'s Modes

    The heart and soul of Maze Madness is its Quest Mode, which will take most gamers a long time to conquer if they plan on earning all of the Stars. In Time Trial Mode, the goal is to complete each level within a specific amount of time. You're not rewarded for scoring points or finding fruit, so don't even bother.

    Classic Mode presents the original arcade version of Ms. Pac-Man in all of its ghost-munching glory, complete with nostalgic cinema scenes and an authentic soundtrack.

    Ms. Pac-Man has been known to party, so of course her latest game features a Multiplayer Mode. Up to four gamers can play simultaneously in three different modes:

    Dot Mania - Pellets and power-ups are randomly tossed onto the maze, and the first person to swallow 70 delicious dots is the winner.

    Ghost Tag - Three players begin as ghosts, but one player starts as a Pac-person. If the Pac-person is touched by a ghost, then the ghost will transform into a Pac-person. The first player to consume 50 pellets as a Pac-person is the winner.

    Da Bomb - In this Pac version of hot potato, one player begins the game holding a time bomb. Tag another player to pass the bomb and don't get caught with the explosives when the timer runs out.

    Get Your Grub On

    Our recommendation? Strap on a pellet-proof bib and get ready scarf down mad amounts of bright yellow dots. Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness is an entertaining Pak with sweet graphics, solid play control and plenty of replay value. Even if you missed her the first time she came around, you're bound to become a loyal fan after spending a few nights with Ms. Pac-Man.

    Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness is now available.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65847) on Aug 16, 2005.

Back of Case - Dreamcast (US):

    Ms. Pac-Man is back in an all-new
    "a-MAZE-ing" 3-D adventure.

    Chomp your way through mystical worlds to rescue Professor Pac. Free the lost worlds of Pac-Land from the horrid witch Mesmeralda. Videogame's most famous and favorite heroine is back to save the day!

    • Over 180 mazes - Four magical worlds
      CleoPactra, Pac Ping Harbor, Crystal Caves and Haunted Halloween.

    • Easy Controls - Just like the original arcade, no buttons necessary so you can focus on the fun!

    • Includes the original arcade classic.

    • Special Multi-Player modes.

    • Secret Stages, hidden mini-games and bonus rounds.

    • Fiendish new enemies and those old familiar ghosts.

    • Collect the 4 Gems of Virtue: Truth, Generosity, Wisdom & Courage.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76516) on Jun 14, 2005.
    Pac-Land's 4 Gems of Virtue - Generosity, Truth, Wisdom and Courage - are under serious threat. Looks like this is a job for a certain polygonal lady...

    The inimitable Ms. Pac-Man makes her long overdue return to the PlayStation arena in this novel game from Namco. Can her sassy fearlessness save Pac-Land from the forces of evil? Well, with Professor Pac's latest invention, the 'Pactrometer', she'll certainly have a go, even though it's a bit of a tall order. Ms. P has to visit the 4 corners of Pac-Land to secure the gems, puzzling it out in more than 180 mazes along the way. In true arcade style, this game is fun to play and simple to pick up. In fact, it's sure to join the Pac-Man portfolio of PlayStation modern classics!

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Dec 09, 2004.