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Ms. Pac-Man has to learn new tricks PlayStation Katakis | カタキス (39615)

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Platform Votes Score
Dreamcast 5 3.9
Game Boy Advance Awaiting 5 votes...
Nintendo 64 5 3.4
PlayStation 5 4.1
Combined User Score 15 3.8

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PlayStationIGN (Sep 14, 2000)
One of the first games I can ever remember having played is Ms. Pac-Man on my Atari 2600. Pac-Man, in general, is majorly responsible for the reason why videogames are so damn popular today. About two decades ago, Namco had a humongous arcade hit on its hands, and it's since evolved into literally dozens of other games. It's a good thing that the sequels and spin-offs of the Pac-Man franchise have, for the most part, retained the same great gameplay as the original. Like last year's "Pac Man World 20th Anniversary," Ms Pac Man: Maze Madness is loads of fun and stays true to the series that the world has come to love.
PlayStationGame Informer Magazine (Jul, 2000)
Maze Madness shows itself to be a welcome reminder of the days when gameplay, not flashy graphics, was the cornerstone of a great game. Factor in the inclusion of the original arcade game and Maze Madness becomes hard to pass up.
Nintendo 64All Game Guide (2000)
Old-school gamers won't necessarily take to the quest mode of Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness because it's more about puzzle solving than dot munching, but it's a fun game nevertheless. All gamers should enjoy the classic game and multiplayer modes.
PlayStationAll Game Guide (2000)
Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness is a surprisingly enjoyable game that successfully combines Pac-Man's classic gameplay with new ideas to create a gaming experience that will appeal to virtually everyone. The only gamers who may not find Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness to be enjoyable are those who put a heavy emphasis on graphics quality.
DreamcastGaming Target (Jan 22, 2001)
Don't let this game's girly exterior fool you, Ms. Pacman still has the goods. Simple, but fun gameplay makes this a worthy addition to any gamer's library. A sleeper hit if I ever saw one.
Nintendo 64Game Informer Magazine (Dec, 2000)
C’mon people, if Capcom can pull off a reasonably good version of Resident Evil 2 on N64, I think the technology exists to port this modest little game without any graphical hitches. Consider Maze Madness a solid effort marked down for sloppy execution.
Game Boy AdvanceRetro Gamer (Dec, 2004)
Ms Pac-Man Maze Madness is aimed at a younger audience, but still provides enough retro-styled gameplay to keep you happy.
DreamcastIGN (Nov 27, 2000)
Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness may lack the bells and whistles when it comes to the visuals for a Dreamcast game, but a good number of options and the addictive nature of gobbling pellets is hard to beat.
Nintendo 64IGN (Nov 13, 2000)
I was pleasantly surprised when I popped in Ms. Pac-Man's Maze Madness for the first time. I expected a boring two-dimensional translation, but before I knew it I was solving puzzles, finding keys, and fervently trying to get every pellet and fruit piece available. I think fans of the original series will be pleasantly surprised with the results. It takes a while to get through Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness too. When it comes down to it, it's probably a 3-4 hour game, and that's if you know what you're doing. For me, it's a game that I would rent a few times for some fun. For die-hard fans of the franchise it should be a decent buy. There's plenty to do besides mindless chomping, which gives this piece of software a little more to go on than the quick fixes that the classic version did. The downside is the relatively boring multiplayer mode. Nine times out of 10 I'd rather play the classic mode alone than the multiplayer mode with friends.
Nintendo 64Daily Radar (2000)
We remember pumping pocketfuls of quarters into an unassuming little machine containing an unassuming little game. In it, players manipulated a little chomping sprite around a maze while avoiding colorful ghosts. Pac-Man captured the heart of America's youth, and the follow-ups, including Ms. Pac-Man, were also hits. It's nice to see Namco keep the name alive, and Ms. Pac-Man's 3D debut on the N64 is a surprisingly fun action game that doubles as a great multiplayer title as well as a mind-bending puzzle game.
DreamcastThe Video Game Critic (Mar 20, 2001)
The one bad thing about this game is the multi-player modes. There are some original ideas here, like playing as ghosts or bombs, but these games are rather unpleasant to play. You have to contend with CPU controlled players (unless you have four people), and the gameplay is utterly confusing. I would have preferred that they included a two-player simultaneous version of the classic Ms. Pac-Man - THAT would have been fun. But nevertheless, Ms. Pac-Man fans looking for some solid one-player action should pick up this disk.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (2000)
Very much in the mould of the original Ms Pac-man game except now she has been released into a 3D environment. Yeah, there are still loads of yellow dots and ghost catching power-ups to gobble up but the emphasis is more on working out how to escape from the maze environments using the objects scattered around. With the retro Pac-man game also included there should be something in this for all ages… just don't expect to suffer from brain-drain. Gobble... Gobble... Gobble...
Nintendo 6464 Power / big.N / N Games (Dec, 2000)
Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness ist letztendlich dennoch nur ein getuntes Pac-Man-Spiel, das vom Gameplay her schon einige Lenze auf dem Buckel hat Wer also schon die Klassiker mochte, wird auch hier seinen Spaß haben, den zukunftsorientierten Spieler wird die Pacmania trotz HiRes-Grafik relativ kalt lassen.
Nintendo 64Nintendojo (2000)
Despite its simplistic origins, dull multiplayer, and audio failings, Ms. Pac-Man can be really fun. It is indeed, Maze Madness. For players who've enjoyed such action-puzzle classics as Solomon's Key or the Bombermans, it's a great retro experiement. Each level seems so enticingly easy: that's how it sucks you in. Then you spend the day racing in Time Trial mode to earn more stars. Sadly, there's just not enough for it to be a really quality 64-bit title. Don't forget the classic Ms. Pac-Man--whether you mastered it long ago, or are too young to have played with the pie-shaped vixen back in the day, this title is at least worth a look. After a few levels, you'll remember how difficult games really could be. (Oh, man! I died already?) Fun game. Worth a rental.
DreamcastAll Game Guide (2000)
With a fun update and the original bundled all in one package, many gamers will find Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness to their liking, especially those who have fond memories of the dark and smoky arcades of the past. And those that have never experienced Ms. Pac-Man before, if they're still out there, should do themselves a favor and give her some Dreamcast love.
DreamcastGame Informer Magazine (Jan, 2001)
Missy P, I love you with my heart and my miiiiind / I love you so much I done reviewed this game three tiiiimes / I love your sexy curves and your sexy box…puzzles / If anyone talks smack about you I’ll put ‘em in a muzzle! / Forget about blood ‘cuz love is thicker / And I love the way on DC that your graphics are mo’ crisper / Without sacrificin’ your lovely gameplay / Shorty, you’re my boo, all day everyday!
Nintendo 64Game Informer Magazine (Dec, 2000)
This update of the classic is definitely fun, even though it’s incredibly easy. So with that in mind, I think it’s a good rental as you can check out the cool level designs and pass the time with some old-school fun.
PlayStationVideo Games (Dec, 2000)
Sicherlich, Ms. Pac-Man ist bestimmt nicht der Weisheit letzter Schluss, doch Spaß macht's trotzdem. Mit dem grafisch schwachen Mehrspielermodus, den total simplen Rätseln und der grauenhaften Deutsch-Konvertierung hat der gelbe Flummy zwar seine offensichtlichen Schwächen, doch die knuddelige 3D-Optik, der einfache Bedienkomfort, die mitreißende Musik und der integrierte Klassiker versprühen ihren eigentümlichen Charme. Mein Urteil: Nicht nur für Pac-Fans interessant.
70 (Nov 02, 2000)
Un jeu d'anthologie qui nous revient sous la forme d'un puzzle en 3D-isométrique destiné à toute la famille. La jouabilité très simple assure un plaisir de jeu immédiat, et les 180 niveaux promettent quelques bonnes prises de tête. Un titre pas très impressionnant mais pourtant fort sympathique.
DreamcastGameSpot (Dec 04, 2000)
While Maze Madness may be overly easy for experienced gamers, the younger crowd and inexperienced gamers should have loads of fun with the game. In the end, it ultimately does what few updated classics do well - it brings new concepts to a well-known game while keeping the fun and magic of the original game.
Game Boy Advance64 Power / big.N / N Games (Mar, 2005)
Wir erkennen die historische Leistung an, aber nun ist‘s gut.
Nintendo 64GameSpot (Dec 21, 2000)
While Maze Madness may be overly easy for experienced gamers, the younger crowd should have no problem having loads of fun with the game. In the end, it ultimately does what few updated classics do well, bringing new concepts to a well known game while keeping the fun and magic of the original game.
PlayStationGameSpot (Sep 08, 2000)
While Maze Madness may be overly easy for experienced gamers, the younger crowd and inexperienced gamers should have loads of fun with the game. In the end, it ultimately does what few updated classics do well - it brings new concepts to a well-known game while keeping the fun and magic of the original game.
PlayStationSuper Play (Sweden) (Jan, 2001)
Ms Pac-Man: Maze Madness är ett perfekt spel för uttråkade barnfamiljer som inte orkar koka någon julgröt. Både mamma, pappa och gammelfarmor kan uppskatta det. För att inte tala om barnen. Inget för hardcorespelare, men underhållande i alla fall. Mycket mer än så är det inte med Ms Pac-Man: Maze Madness.