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Advertising Blurbs

Trillium Newsletter, Volume 1 No 1, Fall/Winter 1984:
    AMAZON — Michael Crichton

    You've just been hired NSRT, a top secret high-tech research firm. You knew your work wouldn't be easy—but you weren't expecting your first assignment to be a solo expedition to one of the most dangerous, most unexplored areas on Earth. Nevertheless, you're on your way to the Amazon, on a mission whose purpose is secret and whose dangers are deadly.

    This is a game whose design and text are eloquent, surprising, and even witty—and it may be played at three different levels, all challenging in their own ways.

    Amazon is Michael Crichton's first interactive adventure. The world-renowned novelist and filmmaker is best known for his books The Andromeda Strain and Congo.

    Contributed by Jacqke (1014) on Jul 20, 2004.

From the back cover:
    The Amazon jungle. Volcanic, dangerous, still unexplored. Home of the jaguar. The alligator. Two hundred species of poisonous snakes. And natives whose culinary habits, while only rumored, make you very uncomfortable. Why, you wonder, would anyone want to go there? More to the point, why would anyone want you to go there?

    But there's no time for questions right now. Because right now you're in the Communications Control Room of your new employer: National Satellite Resource Technology, a top-secret, high-tech research consulting firm. And at NSRT, things happen fast.

    Standing in the control room, you watch an anxiously-awaited satellite transmission just coming in from the Amazon field team - the team you've been hired to help. As you watch the transmission, you realize that something is terribly wrong. No ordinary person could bear to watch what you see on the screen before you.

    But you didn't get the job as special agent for NSRT by being ordinary - it took remarkable instincts, a coolly analytical mind, and a superlative skill with computers. They are abilities that have gotten you far. But as you go to receive the details of your first assignment, you realize that those same abilities are going to have to get you a lot farther - and very soon, at that.

    Amazon is the first computer adventure game to be developed by world-renowned science fiction author Michael Crichton. It brings you state-of-the-art color graphics and overlays as well as a phenomenal range of special effects. With multiple disks and a choice of three skill levels, Amazon provides many hours of exciting and intense game play. Mr. Crichton's elegant game design includes text that is supremely imaginative, challenging, and - when you least expect it - witty.

    MICHAEL CRICHTON, world famous novelist and filmmaker, is best known for his novels The Andromeda Strain, The Terminal Man and Congo, and for the films Coma and The Great Train Robbery. Amazon is Mr. Crichton's first computer adventure program. He was assisted in its production by David Durand, a film graphics illustrator, and by programmer Stephen Warady.

    Contributed by Belboz (6576) on Jul 10, 2002.