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Exodus: Ultima III Screenshots (MSX)

User Screenshots

MSX version

Title screen
Play select
Registering your name
Options screen
Character Creation
You have the choice to see, create or erase a Character. If you have created four party members, you can organize the Party (Or just return to the previous screen)
Giving a party member a name
The choose of making a Hand made or a Ready Made Party
Forming a Party
Lord British wants YOU to defeat Exodus!
Meeting Lord British in his throne room
Game start
So, what is the Status of the Party?
Saving the game Can ONLY be done in Lord British's Castle!
Let's buy or sell something at a Weapon Shop in Britain
Meeting Noriko Hidaka in Britain
Talking to a man in Britain
Buying Weapons to defend ourselves against the dangers that is plaguing Sosaria
Armor is also important. It will protect you from getting badly hurt
Player adjustments
The green world
A battle