Final Fantasy Screenshots (MSX)

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MSX version

Intro: four warriors of light...
From the airship, you notice the castle you have visited in the beginning of your journey...
Menu: character information, equipment, items, etc.
Creating your characters
Starting location
Your home town
This isn't Hilton, but...
Buying weapons
Talking to the priest
In the royal castle
Fighting some goblins in the field
The trees must be really tall here. Only your head sticks out
Battle in a forest
I won't let you take my princess!!..
Boss battle against Garland - the first Final Fantasy boss battle
Weird purple dungeon
This place is... strange
Fighting some creatures in a desert
In the middle of nowhere... I'm dizzy... Water, someone...
A dragon and a dinosaur together
Cruising over mountains and sea
Not much of a conversationalist, eh?
Underground village
This room is small, but at least it looks like a real room
Inspecting a grave
You found a ship
A prosperous city
Fighting six wolves in a swamp
In the middle of a dangerous dungeon
The sorcerer can cast some pretty impressive spells