Pac-Mania Screenshots (MSX)

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MSX version

Intro screen
Select number of players or continue a game
Eat the big yellow balls to chase the monsters
Eat the balls and avoid the monsters
Eat the hidden fruits for bonuses
Lego World Level
(MSX1) Loading screen
(MSX1) Choose a level
(MSX1) Let's go to block town
(MSX1) The ghosts are ripe for eating
(MSX1) At least Pac-man is yellow, even though the ghosts are mono
(MSX1) It's the Pacman theatre!
(MSX1) Jumping across the ghosts
(MSX1) Let's go to sandbox land
(MSX1) Hey, Teque! Did you know that the MSX has something called sprites?
(MSX1) High scores
One of the pre-level cut scenes (MSX2)