Parodius Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Auto or manual?
First enemies
Minibird and bee
Play with tentacles
Sliding penquin, hidden crab
Life lost
Big enemy appears!
Flying pirate cat
Boss fight
Fight in space

Game Boy version

Game developer
Title screen
Setup screen
Player selection
Stage 1 beginning
Close to the end of stage 1
Stage 1 boss

NES version

Parodius title screen
Character Select.
Select Auto power-up or Manual power-up.
Start of level 1
Enemies on the ground.
Shoot the birds for power-ups.
Parodius Da title screen.
The statue heads of Easter island.
It's seems Tako is working in the circus.
Don't get hit by bullets.
A mid-level boss.
End of level boss of level one.

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Penguin crowd and a smoking Moai
Choosing one of the four different characters
Selecting power-up type: Auto or Manual
Start of the game, very Gradius-like
Playing as Pentarou on stage 1 - Island of Pirates
Oh no, the Cat Battleship is burning
Playing as Twinbee on stage 2 - Las Vegas Circus. And that's my favorite bell power-up in this game: the bullhorn that spouts deadly catch phrases
Damn clowns and their bubbles
A giant Las Vegas showgirl is the mid-boss here
Playing as Octopus on stage 3: Candy Land
What's there in the background, you ask? A parody of Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" of course

SNES version

Title Screen (PAL / European version)
Player Select
Player Select Game Options
Big guns in the Lollipop level
Death of an Octopus!
Title Screen (Japanese)
The skeletons are difficult, the pigs are easy
A horde of goblins attack!
A ghostly spirit of a boss
Inside the bathhouse, penguins take their showers
Interrupting an octopus washing his hair is just rude
Twinbee swims underwater unleashing many boxing glove punches!

TurboGrafx-16 version

Title screen
Play as Vic Viper, Octopus, Twin Bee or Pentarou
The first level
Defeated the cat-ship
The first boss
Picked up a megaphone
Fly between the dancer's legs at the right moment
The second boss
Shoot your way through these bubbles
Another boss-fight
In-between levels, you can shoot some easy enemies to power up
If you collect a green bell, you become large and invincible