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Advertising Blurbs

Advert in Zzap! (Issue 4 August 85 p7) – UK:


    RED MOON MoonQuest fantasy adventure for most micros. The Moon Crystal of Xar supplied good magik for the honest rulers of the kingdom of Baskalos. Then it was stolen and the land fell into chaos. You must recover the Moon Crystal from the magik-rich castle where it is hidden, armed with only your wits and spells.

    RED MOON╪ is a Level 9 adventure with over 200 locations, Amstrad, BBC, Commodore 64, MSX and Spectrum versions have 150+ pictures.

    RED MOON is available now on cassette at £6.95. It joins Level 9s catalogue of acclaimed adventures for

    AMSTRAD cpc464

    ATARI 48k

    BBC 32k



    MEMOTECH 500/512

    MSX 64k

    SPECTRUM 45k

    Here's what some reviewers have recently said about Level 9.

    "the series of adventures which has (since) flowed from Level 9 is renowned for high standards of plot and literate description".
    -Sinclair User, May 1985

    "I'll be kept more than busy by the absorbing Level 9 adventures".
    -MSX User, June 1985

    "If only more adventure houses could achieve Level 9".
    -Crash, May 1985

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