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Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar Screenshots (MSX)

User Screenshots

MSX version

Title screen
You find a mysterious circle...
View on the market
You search for the gypsy wagon...
Character creation. Depending on your answers to the moral questions, you'll belong to a certain class
Starting in Moonglow
The entrance to the city of Moonglow
Sage Deli? What next? Mage Burgers?
You can't see much around in the forest. Pretty realistic, in fact
Battle screen. Move around freely and attack with A key whenever enemy is in range of your weapon
Exploring the island you are on
Battle on a bridge
Lycaeum in Moonglow
Fighting a snake. If it attempts to run and you let it do so, you'll gain Compassion points
The throne room of Lord British. Here you level up, come back to life if you are defeated, and play poker with the king... maybe
behind the "Prison" shield there are some weird fields
Lord British might be an enlightened monarch, but the condition of his prison would terrify modern human rights activists
Ankh, the holy symbol of Ultima philosophy
Outside of Lord British castle
Fighting in a swamp area