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atari yars

Vampire Killer Screenshots (MSX)

User Screenshots

MSX version

Title Screen English
Title screen Japanese (with japanese system roms)
Stage 0: Simon swings his whip at the castle's entrance.
Stage 1: buying a knife.
Stage 2: say hello to the fishmen!
Stage 3: picking that ring up will make Simon invincible for a moment.
Stage 3: the first boss, a giant bat.
Stage 4: those knights demand more hits to kill.
Stage 5: you gotta hate Medusa heads!
Vampire Killer Stage 9
Vampire Killer Stage 11
Vampire Killer Stage 12
Stage 15
Game over.
If you find the map, you can view it three times, then it disappears
These things are gonna crush you
Fight vs Medusa
Is that Dracula's lair in the distance?
Fighting against bone pillar. I just took damage, that's why protagonist's sprite is not fully visible
Fighting Mummies
Blue cave
If you have candle item you can see which blocks are breakable
The cross really helps, but you can easily loose it if you don't catch it
Fighting Igor and his sidekick
Oooh, dreaded red skeletons
Hmm, some strategical navigation is required
Fighting Death
A really dangerous passage, but I have invincibility ring
Clockwork tower. It's (thankfully) really short in this game
This cane allows you to open several chests without a key until it expires
Count Dracula, here I come!
Dracula's first form
Dracula's second form is a portrait for some reason. Ghostbusters 2?