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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Commodore 64 (UK):




    Are you ready to experience the action, thrills and spills of the greatest Karate simulation ever?

    Become a master of 16 different true-to-life Karate moves, develop lightning reflexes and seek out opponents' weaknesses.

    Fight your way around the world in international locations including Sydney, New York and Mount Fuji.

    Pass extreme tests of skill breaking slates and dodging weapons, to see if you are a worthy opponent for the higher levels.

    Strike and counter-strike from white to black belt as your opponents become harder to defeat.

    Play against the expertise of the computer or other aspiring masters of Karate.

    Contributed by FatherJack (62743) on May 10, 2015. – Wii (UK):
    INTERNATIONAL KARATE is a simulation of a Karate Tournament where two people can play against each other or one can compete against the computer.

    During the game, you will fly around the world to various locations and in two-player game there is also a special bonus round.

    Each round consists of three 30 seconds bouts. The first player to score two full points wins the bout, and the first to achieve victory in two bouts wins the round.

    In a two-player game, the victor in each bout then goes on to the special bonus stage which involves dodging a flying weapon. Success in this part of the game will earn you 500 points.

    The winner of each round scores an extra 2000 points and the next destination is then automatically on screen.

    When competing against the computer, you must win in each round in order to carry on to the next destination.

    Contributed by gamewarrior (5083) on Aug 21, 2008.

Back of Box - Commodore 64 (US):
    Are you ready for furious black belt action? Ready for a one on one match that’s fought with 14 different moves, from the front punch to the spinning back kick? Learn the moves, tine tune your timing, and seek out the weaknesses in your opponents. But, that’s only the beginning.

    Then you must develop "nizu no kokoro’ as the Japanese say, "mind like water." Your mind must be so composed that you respond instantly to any movement, any kick or blow. As in a still pond, when even a tiny pebble sends ripples to the farthest corners.

    Next you must pass tests of skill and endurance, to advance between levels. Break bricks with your head, avoid batons and spears that are hurled at you.

    You tight in eight international settings, including Sydney, Australia, Athens, New York City, and Mt. Fuji. Fight against the computer, or take on one of your friends.

    Block and retreat, or drive forward. As the blows rain in, your face will grimace with pain. At times you will be knocked to the mat. Can you survive? Can you prevail? Can you meet the challenge of WORLD KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP?

    - 14 True to Life Karate Moves

    - Face Tougher and Tougher Opponents, from White to Black Belt

    - Even different facial expressions as you trade blows

    - Fight in Eight lnternational Settings

    - Exciting One or Two Player Action

    Contributed by faceless (447) on Dec 16, 1999.